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Democrats Plan to Turn to Critical Race Theory As the Key to Victory in 2022

Many who exist politically aware believe Republicans will achieve historic gains in the 2022 Midterm Elections, especially with the radical agenda and inept governmental execution of the Biden administration. As if completely tone-deaf, some high-level Democrat strategists believe doubling down on the race-baiting is the answer to their problems.

Democratic strategists, including Jim Manley, a longtime aide to former Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, are urging Democrats to hit back harder against “divisive” Republican claims.

“On a political level, it’s a real threat that is allowing Republicans to claw back the inroads that Democrats have made in the suburbs over the last couple of election cycles,” Manley said.

Manley and others, like Democrat strategist Jesse Ferguson, a former senior spokesman for Hillary for America, believe Democrats haven’t pushed back on this issue enough, but that when they do their response is effective.

“Voters run from the Republicans when Democrats peel back the onion on what these claims really mean,” Ferguson said. “It’s not just that Republicans want a bigger role for parents in education, it’s that Republicans are willing to let white supremacists write curricula.”

Why This Is Important

The idea of Democrats doubling down on their go-to tactic of race-baiting division both defies logic and proves how out of touch they are with the overwhelming majority of Americans on the issue of race.

And it appears the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee is drinking the Kool-Aid. They are downplaying the damage done by their extremist CRT stance and going so far as to manufacture polling to back up their contention. This fall, DCCC pollsters tested responses to what they couched as “false claims” of Critical Race Theory being taught in K-12 schools around the country.

And the Marxist-based racism of CRT isn’t an issue that ends with instruction. It is starting to result in segregation; the very thing the Civil Rights Movement was supposed to have exposed as evil to everyone around the world.

One Massachusetts state university is so devoted to embracing the false-flag operation of race-baiting, they segregated students into “safe spaces” after the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

Fitchburg State University emailed students on Friday that stated:

“The Center for Diversity and Inclusiveness is creating space for our community to process the ‘not guilty on all accounts’ verdict in the Kenosha, Wisconsin case where Kyle Rittenhouse, an Illinois native, shot and killed two people protesting the wrongful death of Jacob Blake in 2020,” the email read.

For the record, Jacob Blake was not killed in the shooting. In fact, the shootings had no racial component to them. This should obliterate the university’s credibility where truth and the devotion to facts are concerned.

An overwhelming majority of Americans actually understood the brilliance and honesty of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We understand the logic of people like Ward Connerly, Thomas Sowell, and Walter Williams. We agree with Dr. Alveda King. We have been actively employing the mindset – the healthy mindset – of colorblindness to reduce and expunge racism from society, or as Mr. Connerly says, we have been actively “erasing race” to the benefit of society.

And until the Obama administration, the American people were making great strides in reducing and expunging racism from society. I say until the Obama administration because Mr. Obama and his crew amended the Critical Theory of Karl Marx, replacing the focus of confrontation from the economic classes to the races. Anyone who has familiarized him or herself with Marx’s theory understands it is a mechanism for division to affect political control.

Since then, Democrat strategists and social engineers – like Manley and Ferguson – have fully invested in the Marxist-charged “divide and conquer” divisionist strategy as a means to power. Lacking any tangible sociopolitical platforms and agendas that actually serve the American people, they have advanced false narratives centered on race and identity politics to maintain the cultural divide they so desperately need to cling to power.

An article by Kevin Jackson, a noted Black author and radio personality, perhaps says it best:

“Black History Month allows for the historical recap of previous race-baiting Super Bowls…it’s never too early to rain ‘White guilt’ on America…

“On TV you will see all the old documentaries of black oppression. Police dogs and water cannons sprayed on Black people. Because Black Democrats need that annual reminder of what their party did to blacks. And then White Democrats gather at cocktail parties and laugh at the idea that they are immune to Black History Month. They also chuckle at Black Democrats who ignore historical facts and continue to support their oppressors… And what NONE of these documentaries will mention is that Democrats were (and continue to be) the oppressors of blacks.

“So this Super Bowl is essentially Democrats versus Democrats. The winners will be, surprisingly, Democrats. That’s how the game is played. Democrats oppress, then blame others…

“Fortunately, their voices grow hoarse. Also, our ears know the sound of “white noise”, and no longer listen.”

But there is a danger in capitulating to that “white noise.” The spin doctors of the Democrat (read: Fascist) political class are masters of controlling the narrative, and they have complicit mainstream and social media structures to help them. That they are re-committing to race-baiting to hold on to power means they know they are vulnerable, and that means their execution will be relentless and vicious.

Republicans – and I have no faith that they have any idea of the urgency – must get ahead of this narrative, explain to the masses (read: voters) exactly what the Democrats will say in their messaging, and tear their contentions apart with facts using an emotional pen to do so. It is imperative that Republicans jettison the status quo approach to politicking and sharpen their communicative skills, skills that have been practically non-existent for over 40 years.

That said, We the People have to start having these hard conversations around the dinner table and with our friends. The time for polite silence on political matters is passed and we can’t count on politicians to put our nation first. We are fighting for the Republic. We are fighting for freedom. We are fighting for each other, no matter what the color of our skin.

 #Resist #PushBack #ThrowOffTheChains

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