body positivity is killing people

Body positivity started out with the fat acceptance movement of the late 1960s. Basically, 500 fat people conducted a protest in Central Park. This eventually led to the formation of the National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance, or NAAFA. Now NAAFA is getting into the more general Marxist civil restrictions area, and is pushing so-called diversity and inclusion. Which we all know is about the censorship of thought and speech, and has absolutely nothing to do with inclusion or diversity. As NAAFA puts it themselves, “NAAFA endeavors to ensure that diversity and inclusion is intrinsic to our organization, reflecting the values we wish others to apply to their organizations, businesses and institutions.” And of course, “reflecting the values we wish others to apply to their organizations, businesses and institutions” actually means submit to us or pay the price.

After the forming of this organization, they realized that fat acceptance just doesn’t sound that good. As leftists often do, they changed the language to reflect better on themselves. A psychotherapist coined the term “body positivity”. Immediately, the term ‘psychotherapist’ should set off alarm bells. If you had this inclination, you would have been correct. Nothing good has ever come from psychology… Remember John Money? Fat acceptance really wasn’t that bad. It was basically just about instituting anti discrimination for the fat just the same as any other group. There is certainly reason to debate all civil rights law as it regards freedom of association, but fat acceptance really wasn’t any different from any other set of civil rights laws — except for the fact that it is not an immutable characteristic. Body positivity, however, broadened this definition of fat acceptance. It went from don’t discriminate against fat people, to love yourself for being fat.

Eventually, fat acceptance went from being about fat people to just fat women. Now the premise of body positivity is about so-called unrealistic standards for women. I find this a little ridiculous as the societal standards for the appearance of a woman are so low. Don’t weigh as much as a pig, don’t sound like a pig, don’t look like a pig, and don’t smell like a pig. Except Rosie O’Donnell, every single woman in the world meets these standards. That may have been offensive to Rosie O’Donnell, but it really wasn’t an exaggeration. The appearance standards for women are extraordinarily low. 

When these radical feminists follow a body positivity message, it often has real consequences. Body positivity people have a saying, “healthy at any size”. This is obviously completely false. Most types of cancer do not have a 100% fatality rate. 100% of the time obesity will kill you at a young age. The reason you have never seen an obese 90-year-old isn’t because you lose weight when you get old, it’s that you die when you get fat. Luckily, the effects of obesity can be easily prevented and even reversed. However, if body positivity has conditioned you to accept your own gluttony, you can never reverse it.

Body positive parents are also feeding their children according to their views, and I’m not talking about minors who are old enough to have some agency, no I’m talking about young children who are 4, 5, and 6. These radical body positive feminists are teaching (mainly their daughters but males too (and zims and zers)) that it is ok to be fat. Any suggestion that these parents should control what their children eat, make them exercise, or go outside is met with a level of horror which I can not describe. Even if you suggest that maybe this will have serious effects on the health of someone’s children, you will be accused of hating children, trying to make a child self-conscious, and some will even say that you want to sexualize children. This behavior from parents, usually a deranged mother, either single or with a husband who won’t stand up to her, is deeply damaging to their children.

Another point they often raise is that their kid gets bullied for being fat, and thus he needs his feelings reaffirmed. Here’s the thing, bullies are a necessary part of a child’s development. I know you’re not supposed to say this anymore, but the bullies are usually right. If a child gets a beat down at 6 for being fat, they may not die of obesity at 60. These people don’t understand that this has nothing to do with trying to get a child to fit in with culture, but everything to do with health. Over time, there have been many cultural norms regarding appearance. Some of them have been ok, while others have been bad. As I recall, Great Britain, which now is fully on board with this body positivity thing, used to have the exact opposite problem of trying to stuff women into literal rib crushing dresses. This was bad. The cultural standard that you should not be fat is actually healthy.

While body positivity started on the left, it is unfortunately spreading among conservatives. I can almost certainly say that there are almost no conservatives that would self identify as body positive, however it really does not matter how you identify. It matters what you are. Anyone who is fat and doesn’t have a desire or the will to change is indeed, at some level, a body positive person. You will notice, especially in conservative areas, people are extremely fat. And even worse, the children are fat as well. You would expect this from a group like the body positive leftists, but now this problem is far worse among conservatives. The fat conservative’s really need to get their act together, we are hardworking, God loving, patriots. You can’t protect your freedoms if you’re a fat loser who can’t fight for them, I don’t know how you are supposed to work hard if you’re 600 pounds, and I’m pretty sure God says to take care of your body… You know kind of not like killing yourself at 60 from a heart attack.

If a leftist is fat that is unfortunate, but when a conservative is fat, it opposes our whole value set. The fact is, while the left is pushing a body positivity movement for women, we are pushing it for everyone including children. And if you do have a little child that’s fat, do not just let them be fat like the body positivity people do. Make them exercise by going outside, make them eat healthy food, don’t let them stuff their faces full of McDonald’s every day. You are literally letting your child kill themselves, slowly kill themselves but they are still killing themselves.

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My name is Nicholas and I am a conservative author. My qualifications include having a grasp on reality, a basic understanding of English, and that is about it. I tend to write about cultural and political issues such as abortion, the willful mutilation of oneself, and other things like that. Some people think inspiration is important for writing, but I write from a place of deep horror and disgust.

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