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what the left gets wrong about gender

One of the most radical left-wing agendas has been to convince the public that a man can not only become a woman, but a man can become whatever gender he desires. At least in the past, the left has been willing to acknowledge biological differences between males and females. They chalk this up to the supposed separation between sex and gender. They say that sex is biological, but gender is a social construct. The argument behind sex being a social construct is that there are gender roles and that not all people’s gender roles align with his sex. For example, a man might want to stay at home with his kids while his wife works. Here the traditional gender roles are the opposite of normal. If gender is a social construct, that would mean that one’s supposedly proper sex comes from

ridiculous gender pronouns
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one of two places. The first would be the outside world and its inhabitants. After all, people make up the society that created the gender roles. By this logic, all people determine what sex someone is together. The left believes this to some extent. The left thinks society plays a role in determining gender, so they want to force people to use improper pronouns to describe others. If a man were to call a fake man “her,” he would have changed her gender back to female. If every person one meets plays a role in determining his gender, a person with transgenderism would need the identity affirmed by others.

The left has a different primary reason they claim someone can change his gender. It is because he said so. When a male feels he is feminine and wants to be a girl, he can decide to become one. To do this, all he needs to do is say he is a girl. Although, it is expected that he will dress as a girl, go on hormones, and even chop off parts of his body. One logical constriction in the traditional transitioning process is it involves the physical altering of the body. Assuming that gender is a social construct, not a biological occurrence, there would be no need for changing the physical makeup of a man for him to become a woman. In theory, all a man needs to do to become a woman is to act in a feminine manner.

Assuming that one can change his gender by making himself more feminine, this is where the left goes wrong. Femininity and masculinity do not determine gender, but rather gender dictates masculinity and femininity. If a man becomes less masculine, it does not mean his sex is not in line with his characteristics. It means that his traits are not in line with his gender. Traditionally, females are feminine, but that does not mean that a tomboy is a literal boy. It is impossible to determine what a tomboy is as masculinity is a spectrum. The normal range of masculinity in males and females may overlap, but the point is that personality does not determine what sex someone is.

 Of course, this still leaves the opportunity to argue. A leftist might say, “But I am a girl because I say so!” Many of you may remember this line from when you were about four years old and asked your parents the infamous question, “Why?” Just like your parents did not have an answer, the leftists have no answer to that very same question. Unfortunately for leftists, we are not four, and they are not our parents, so until they can tell us why a person can switch their sex at will, I will continue to deny it.

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