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Big Pharma is not the only one who will profit off the new COVID scariant

Vaccine makers are wasting no time producing vaccines for the latest COVID scariant. Just a few days ago the Omicron variant was introduced to everyone amid an outbreak in South Africa. Immediately, the propaganda started, and now the vaccine makers eye opportunity.

NPR is reporting that vaccine makers are already planning their way to “address” the latest variant. They want to produce an Omnicron specific booster shot and they are testing greater numbers of booster shots as a means to help address the variant.

But the information coming out of South Africa is telling a story that vaccines are pointless against the variant. In fact, long before Omnicron was introduced through propaganda outlets, all the details were telling us vaccines were doing little to prevent acquiring or spreading the virus.

One South African doctor says that the symptoms of the variant are minor for those who have been treated. The doctor goes on to say that “almost half” of the people being treated for the Omicron variant were unvaccinated. Yes, that means the majority being treated for it are actually vaccinated individuals.

That is not stopping the government from pushing its vaccine narrative. President Joe Biden immediately said that Americans needed to obtain their vaccines and boosters. Vaccine manufacturers started pushing booster shots, propaganda that booster shots are needed, and that they can develop an Omicron-specific vaccine in just 100 days.

Aside from the narrative of control, there is obviously one thing taking place here. Vaccine manufacturers see an opportunity to make more money off the government mandates and forced vaccination.

It is clear that the Biden regime and other world leaders are on the same page to force Americans to take vaccines. They continue to remind everyone at every possible instance that vaccines are needed. It has created a moment where many pro-vaccine propaganda believers are willing to hold down others and force them to take a vaccine against their will.

While the radical left argues that this is based on science, their loyal followers are pushing the propaganda at all costs. Those who are supportive of the vaccines continue to push profits to pharma and those who they support.

There are billions of dollars at stake. With any new vaccine, booster, or mandate, billions of dollars in vaccine orders are possible. In July, Pfizer announced that it expected to make over $33 billion from just the COVID vaccine. The company announced pretax profits were expected around 20%, or roughly $6.6 billion.

Those billions of dollars turn into free money for the non-profits run by the Bill Gates of the world and the political leaders who are pandering to Americans through the narrative. Yes, you heard that right. The political leaders of our nation are profiting big from this COVID narrative.

It goes much deeper than just Biden and the Democrats though. There was recent data shared regarding how many congressional leaders took money from big pharma companies. This website will give you some insight into your reps and if they took money from some of the key vaccine players.

Based on the graph regarding who is profiting from Big Pharma, it appears that both sides of the aisle are most likely being played as part of COVID. Republicans are profiting off pharma’s massive profits as well, not just from pharma but also their massive fundraising for identifying as anti-vaccine. That’s not to mention the fact we know Dr. Anthony Fauci and his NIH partners all were key stakeholders in Moderna and profited massively.

So here’s how this works. Your government is taking taxpayer dollars and paying that to big pharma companies for COVID vaccines and treatment. Those pharma companies are in turn paying your congressional leaders and their campaigns thousands of dollars. It’s theft from Americans disguised as a pandemic.

The move creates a massive shift of wealth back to the top percentage of leaders in the nation. The same leaders who are telling you what you can and cannot do as an American. The same leaders who are deciding if you can or cannot work, must mask, or even are forcing you to take a COVID vaccine that you may not want.

So while Americans suffer, our leaders continue to prosper and live above the rules they create for us. Omicron will not be the last wave of COVID, not as long as the corrupt leaders of our nation continue to prosper. It is government corruption at its finest.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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