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Biden Didn’t Fix the Shipping Crisis, He Just Hid It (really)

The Biden administration has gone full-on with its optics-over-effectiveness strategy as we find out that not only did President Biden not alleviate the shipping mess on the west coast, he decided to hide it.

More Ships Are Waiting, You Just Can’t See Them

The government instituted a new “queuing system” that dramatically reduced the number of ships at anchor off of the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The system doesn’t improve cargo throughput, reduce the number of containers on the docks or move more goods to market for Americans that want them. No, it just pushes a lot of ships further off the coast so they are neither “at anchor”, or, more importantly for the Biden administration, visible.

The new queuing system was publicly advertised to reduce emissions in the L.A./Long Beach area by pushing ships further away. With a standard west-to-east running wind flow… not sure how that works.

What the new plan definitely does is reduce the number of ships in the port queue. Prior to this new plan, only ships within 20 miles of the port were considered in the queue. Everything outside that line is not. The Biden admin can claim that they have reduced the number of ships in the port queue even though there are more ships than ever awaiting entrance into the port.

Source: American Shipper – based on Marine Exchange of Southern California Data

That chart is terrible for Secretary Pete, President Biden, and their whole approach to this mess. They haven’t fixed anything… in 9 months!

So… What Does This Mean for Consumers, Retailers?

Nothing good.

Source: American Shipper – data from Port Optimizer (30-day moving average)

The longer ships wait at sea, the higher the shipping costs and the longer products take to get to consumers, retailers and manufacturers stateside. That means higher prices and less availability.

How Could They Expect to Hide This?

Really? The mainstream media is never going to report this, dig into it, or interview anyone that would say anything negative about the Brandon administration.

By segregating the statistics, the talking heads can applaud Biden’s reduction of “ships waiting offshore” by only including those anchored within 20 miles. Isn’t that nice?

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