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Types of Warrants that can be Issued

Have you ever received a warrant? Or do you suspect a warrant for your arrest in the near future? Or have you seen someone close to you receiving a warrant? Do you know what a warrant is and how and why one should issue it?

So here are some answers to your questions. A warrant is legally issued by an officeholder to arrest a suspected person who eventually brings justice. There are different types of search warrants in Florida, which would have always confused you. So this is the time to remove all your doubts.

Different types of Warrants issued in Florida

  1. Arrest Warrant

When is it issued?: A judgesigns this warrant, which allows an officer to arrest a person on whose name the warrant issues.

This warrant contains information about the crime the person has perpetrated and the time of arresting the person.

If a warrant has to formulate against a suspected person, then a written affidavit with evidence needs to present beforehand to the judge. Thereafter the judge decides whether to sign the affidavit or not. When the crime happens before an officer, then without a warrant, the criminal will get arrested.

  1. Bench Warrant

When is it issued?: This warrant is similar to an arrest warrant, but the judge issues it when there is a violation of rules issued by the court.

It is also issued when you present before the court for a hearing because of a felony or misdemeanour, and you have failed to appear.

Therefore, bench warrants are also referred to as ‘Failure to Appear Warrant. If there is a bench warrant against you, the police will arrest you irrespective of the time. So the first thing one must do after receiving a bench warrant is to turn up to the court willingly at a specific time.

  1. Search Warrant

When is it issued?: A judgesigns this warrant who allows an officer to search for a suspected crime area or location to search for and confiscate evidence.

The warrant will mention areas where a search is to conduct or not. To issue a search warrant, a written affidavit with probable reasons which would prove that illegal activity has been happening at a place will submit to the judge. Then the judge, after reviewing the affidavit, decides whether the reason is worth it or not.

But sometimes, a search can also conduct without a warrant only if it is with the consent of the property holder.


It can be really confusing if you or your loved one – who is not from a legal background, gets a warrant or is presuming to get one. Do not worry when this situation arrives. One can issue different warrant types in Florida. Just remember, the first most important thing is to know what types of warrant can or cannot be issued against you.

The next important thing will be to contact a qualified and capable attorney who will fight for you, protects your rights, and eventually brings justice to you. Thus, making this complex process simple.

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