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Thomas Jefferson is evicted by radical New York City leaders

Thomas Jefferson, the author of the Declaration of Independence and the third President of the United States has been evicted by radical New York City leaders. The statue of Jefferson, which has been in City Hall since 1834, will be removed because of Jefferson’s “troubling past” as the New York Daily News put it.

City leaders wanted to remove the statue because Jefferson owned slaves and is accused of having fathered a child with one of them. There was little concern over the fact that Jefferson helped our nation find its independence and played many key roles in the birth of our nation.

Councilwoman Adrienne Adams (D-Queens) said, “Thomas Jefferson was a slaveholder who owned over 600 human beings, African slaves. He reaped the economic benefits of slave labor. He maintained the notion that Black people were inferior to white people.” Many others spoke out in support of moving the statue, even amid the statements by Jefferson that slavery was a “moral depravity” and a “hideous blot.”

The group is committed to changing all of New York’s “problem sites” according to reports. Those who spoke out against the statue pushed the leaders to also adopt measures to rename areas that were in honor of past leaders of the city and Christopher Columbus.

New York state Assemblyman Charles Barron (D-Brooklyn) took things one step further. As the City leaders look for a new home for the statue, he suggested that “they should put it in a central place in the Black community and give us all sledgehammers and let us smash it into dust.” Because destroying any piece of history will completely erase it from existence, right?

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