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Sunday Six: Indefensible Military Actions As Chinese Aggression Intensifies

The Blue State Conservative

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative discuss six ridiculously woke actions and priorities by America’s military leaders, all being done while the Chinese threaten war with Taiwan and launch globe-circling missiles.

#6: The DoD continues to push its “vaccine” mandate despite overwhelming evidence that military personnel have never been, nor presently are, at risk from Covid.

Parker: One of the earliest case studies for Covid occurred on the isolated ship of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. Composed of a crew of around 1,200 people, an outbreak of sorts occurred in spring of 2020 – right when the supposed pandemic allegedly began sweeping the globe. This is an important note for several reasons, not least of which because the onset of any new pandemic witnesses the most aggressive, deadly, and virulent strain.

Despite no previous exposure to the virus and extremely close quarters for weeks, just 27% of the entire crew eventually tested positive. Of those, only one death was said to have been a result of the virus. A few questions we do not have answers to include: How are we to believe this is a real pandemic if just one-quarter of the close-quartered crew tested positive, half of whom didn’t even develop symptoms? Was the single death from Covid or simply with Covid? What was the relative health of the individual said to have died from/with Covid? What treatments were made available? For all we know, Covid was as responsible for this sailor’s death as it was in the media’s presentation of George Floyd’s death.

Now, compared to the general population, the age, physical fitness, and general health conditions of a naval ship roster is unquestionably more conducive to outbreak responses, but then why did the cruise ship Diamond Princess, also an early-pandemic case study, share many of the same characteristics as the USS Theodore Roosevelt? According to left-leaning Wikipedia, just 712 of the 3,711 passengers and crew became infected – which means not even that many developed symptoms. Again, to emphasize the point, this was when the supposed pandemic would have been at its most dangerous point – no mass exposure had occurred for antibody development and the strain was at its most lethal – and yet only fourteen people were “reported” to have succumbed to its effects.

Despite clear evidence early on that the virus was not a threat to the military’s readiness, the anti-science Department of Defense has mandated unproven and unnecessary – indeed downright dangerous – injections that have caused more death and severe debilitation in a few short months than the virus has over the course of the Covid hysteria. As of this writing, the entire military apparatus of several million Americans, has seen just 70 Covid-related deaths. Again, of those, what percent even died from Covid? There have been multiples-worth more suicides in the military as a result of the insane measures taken than Covid, and it seems pretty obvious that the mental health of our fighting force is important when considering battle readiness.

Data is difficult to come by, but it is safe to say that the mandatory vaccines have also harmed several times more service members than Covid ever has or ever will. As far back as June, there were already concerning reports of a spike in myocarditis in the military relative to the general population. Nonetheless, the Pentagon, Department of Defense, White House, and corrupt medical establishment has foisted this program onto men and women who volunteered to defend our freedom, apparently at the cost of sacrificing their own in ways never before seen. The military could easily have just handed out ivermectin kits like other nations around the world; instead, they force good men and women to violate their basic human rights.

Make no mistake, our leaders are murderers.

#5: Defense secretary Lloyd Austin has declared, “The [Defense] Department will immediately take appropriate policy actions to prioritize climate change considerations.”

PF: This announcement came from Secretary Austin less than a week after he took office, and there have been scores of other statements from the Pentagon and others referring to climate change as a “national security issue.” We should also note Lloyd’s use of the word “prioritize” in his statement. He said it’s a priority, and we shouldn’t doubt him. I’m sure addressing climate change – whatever that means – is a top priority for him and his minions. The question is, why?

Let’s not get into a debate on the legitimacy/illegitimacy of climate change’s impact humanity, or to what extent human activity is driving it. For the purposes of this discussion, let’s assume all of the worst predictions and assertions, even though they’re mostly B.S. Let’s say climate change is going to wreak havoc on our shorelines, cause widespread starvation, and it’s all the fault of capitalism.

Even if that’s all true, what in hell does that have to do with our military? Even if our entire country were to achieve net-zero carbon emissions, according to the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the impact of that reduction on the global temperature would be a temperature reduction of less than one degree Celsius over the course of the next century. America’s carbon emission impact on the globe is a fraction of the overall impact, therefore our military’s effect on the climate is a fraction of a fraction.

So, let’s consider. Since January when they could have been planning an effective strategy on how to handle Afghanistan and the best approach to countering China’s military threat, the Pentagon has apparently been focused on switching to electric vehicles, heating barracks through renewable energy, and ensuring our servicemen and women are recycling their used, plastic containers. Isn’t that great? We may get attacked again by Al Qaeda with the Taliban’s help, and we might all be speaking Chinese by the time Biden leaves office, but at least our military will have done their part in helping our environment. 

#4: Our military reading list includes How To Be An Anti-Racist, Sexual Minorities and Politics, and The New Jim Crow.

Parker: General Mark Milley, whose much-needed resignation we at The Blue State Conservative have supported since his pathetic testimonies surrounding the events of January 6th (“I want to understand white rage”), revealed in those same congressional appearances that the military brass is doing everything it can to indoctrinate servicemen and women into the cult of identity politics. Ibram X. Kendi’s How to be an Anti-Racist is one of the most ideologically poisonous screeds ever to be penned, let alone disseminated to the public at large. It is historically and morally bereft, and has the circular logic one expects of children.

Somehow, though, it not only made the military’s reading list, it made the list under the heading “Foundational” – the same heading where books like The Guide To Maritime Strategy, AI Basics, and Ego Is The Enemy. The last entry ironically demands selflessness from sailors while at the same time Kendi’s illiterate and illogical book demands the opposite. One can only be a leftist and anti-racist through absolute self-centeredness. Both black and white Americans that buy into his message are the worst human beings imaginable – arrogant, ignorant, and dangerous. How else can one describe people like Frederick Joseph? He sees racism in every interaction and celebrates dragging a woman’s name, reputation, and career through the proverbial mud? White allies are often no better; in some cases I would argue they are worse, because they see themselves as the savior class in this imaginary conflict. Basically, blacks can’t succeed without their help, so they feel doubly self-important.

The U.S. military relieves soldiers of their duty if they dare speak out against CRT. On the other side of the world, the Chinese reject identity politics and stick to universal truths. One of the ways they do that is through the elevation of manly men in their crusade to build a better culture (it’s safe to say that we seek lesbian black transgenders that fail basic fitness tests). The toxic notion of manly men made headline news, but in reality it should just be par for the course for every modern civilization. Manly men are a necessary redundancy nowadays; men should just be manly by their very nature. The fact that we need to qualify the idea of a man with “manly” is a pitiful reflection on the emasculation of society. The Chinese are building a fighting force focused on one thing: Winning wars. The Americans? Fighting make-believe threats.

Is anyone still seriously questioning how this all ends?

#3: We now have military uniforms designed specifically to fit pregnant women.

PF: First, there’s nothing more wonderful than a pregnancy. I had the honor of having a front row seat for the miracle of pregnancies and childbirth when my wife and I were having kids, and being able to watch God’s handiwork in real time is mind-blowing. Second, the United States’ military is incredible in its own right, being the greatest fighting force in the history of mankind. However, combining the two – the marvel of pregnancies and our phenomenal military – is a really bad idea.

Tucker Carlson caught a tremendous amount of flack for weighing-in on this story last March, but as usual, he was right. The Pentagon didn’t just unveil uniforms designed for pregnant women, they unveiled actual “maternity flight suits.” To be clear, maternity clothing is generally for women who are “showing;” women who are in the latter stages of their pregnancies. They’re not for those who are just two or three months pregnant.

Having a pregnant soldier continuing to work at non-strenuous tasks is just fine: in the military or elsewhere. Even having them work on physically demanding assignments could be acceptable if her doctors are on board with the idea. But the notion of having a woman, late in her pregnancy, participating in combat or combat-related activities is absurd.

Ultimately what this story showed was that these uniforms were little more than a stunt. Presenting these uniforms to the public was just another episode of virtue-signaling from the Biden Administration. Look how inclusive we are. Look how much we care about women’s rights… even though we don’t believe in gender. That’s all this episode was about and nothing more.

Adversaries such as China, Iran, Russia, and the Taliban are laser-focused on doing what they need in order to unseat us from our perch as superpower. Yet our president and his woke cronies are concerned about issues such as maternity clothing for pregnant soldiers. Want a recipe for how not to handle potential military challenges? This is it.

#2: Army recruiting videos depict lesbian women raised by lesbian moms as a show of…military strength?

I shouldn’t have to say this, but I will: I don’t care who you sleep with. In racial terms, we use the notion of colorblindness. In sexual terms, I hate to connote blindfolding or the like, because, well, you know. At any rate, I care about what people are made of and how they act. Are you a good person? Are you a good husband/wife, son/daughter, father/mother? Do you contribute positively to society? Do you strive to make yourself better everyday? The answers to these questions are infinitely more important than your skin color or sexual attraction.

In any other time in history, my viewpoint would have been mainstream without even a hint of pushback, but America in the year 2021 is anything but dedicated to truth and sanity these days. As it relates to our military, the latest and great effort to inspire a new generation of fighters for social justice (and not actual problems or wars) showcases Emma – a pathetic feminist who knows she is better than you because she grew up with two moms. Honestly, between this nonsense and vaccine mandates, I can’t help but think they are intentionally ridding themselves of conservative soldiers.

Let’s also point out that “diversity is our strength” or whatever idiotic mantra liberals and leftists push it just that – idiotic. There can be value in rigorous debate in the search for truth, but diversity of skin color, sexual preferences, or any of the flags waved in the Oppression Olympics does not mean things are better. Would the NBA be more competitive if the five players on the court were mandated to each be a different race, of varying heights, ableism, and biological sex? Let’s not kid ourselves: A starting point guard bound to a wheelchair and identifying with the pronouns zhe/zir is not going to provide compelling competition to Steph Curry. The same is true of our military. We do not need to go out of our way to paint a rainbow of identities. Let the volunteers come to us, and let the military training to the rest.

#1: Disciplining Marine Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller has been a top priority for the Pentagon and President Biden.

PF: Maintaining discipline is critical in any organization, but particularly in the military. Disobeying orders and insubordination can not only damage morale, it can be deadly, and not just in combat situations. Our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines must adhere to the chain of command and respect the policies of their superiors; within reason. But what the Marine Corps’ leadership did with Lt. Col. Scheller was about far more than keeping the troops in line. It was political, through and through.

Scheller didn’t disobey an order relating to combat. Scheller didn’t refuse to have his troops perform a tactical maneuver, and he didn’t do anything to the detriment of our national security. What Scheller did was far worse in the eyes of the Biden Administration: Scheller had the nerve to criticize the catastrophic handling of Afghanistan, and such actions are intolerable for the president and his enablers.

The fact that Scheller posted a video criticizing the Afghanistan calamity was bad enough, but when that video went viral, it was too much for the Administration to tolerate. Biden and his military leaders couldn’t be shown up like that by a mere Lieutenant Colonel, so they made an example of Scheller. They threw the book at him. Scheller’s self-preservation instincts kicked in, he pled guilty to court martial charges, and the Biden Administration sent a clear message. Don’t you dare criticize our incompetence, and if you do, there will be hell to pay.

While Biden’s message was received loud and clear by our military personnel, it was also understood with perfect clarity by our enemies. America’s president and his military leaders are weak when it comes to the international stage, and they are ripe for defeat; even by opponents like the Taliban who are stuck in the Middle Ages. But when it comes to standing up to defiance amongst their own, when it comes to shutting down dissenters who call out their ineptitude, they have a zero-tolerance mindset. This situation is exactly what rivals such as China dream about: easy prey who insist on denying and trying to hide their feebleness.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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