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SHOCK: Americans are still able to vote, even after Republicans block Democrats bill

On Wednesday, mainstream media outlets were all telling the same story: Republicans are blocking American rights to vote. Even the President and Vice President got in on the action of spreading lies regarding the failed legislation.

President Joe Biden said that the sacred right to vote is under attack and that Republicans should have acted to protect it. He said that there should be a debate and a vote on the bill and that the soul of the nation was at stake without it.

Kamala Harris said that the Senate had the opportunity to protect the right to vote and that Republicans failed to do so. She said that it was a fundamental right that needed to be upheld.

Even with the vote on Wednesday to deny the Democrat’s attempts to federalize elections, Americans are still able to vote. Americans in all 50 states are able to go to their place of registration, register, and cast a vote. Not one single thing has changed.

Now if you look at the facts of the situation, according to Democrats and mainstream media, Joe Biden won over 80 million votes, the most ever by a President. If you tally all the votes cast in the 2020 election, both legal and illegal, it was the most votes cast in a single election in history.

If so many Americans were able to vote, then why the big push to federalize elections and remove states’ rights in voting? Is there something that we are missing that would prevent Americans from voting? Absolutely not.

The problem is that Democrats do not want you to see the truth behind the bill. Sure, they have included several measures in the bill that Republicans would probably support if they were stand-alone. But hidden behind these measures were steps to invalidate voter ID requirements of many states.

It would also restrict the information that many Americans would be allowed to receive regarding the election. For example, just simply suggesting that election fraud occurred could qualify under the bill as “misleading information” and would be a crime. Yes, Democrats are trying to make it illegal for Americans to actually hear the truth about what’s happening.

Who would be in charge of enforcing those laws? The Biden regime’s radical attorney general Merrick Garland. It’s just an attempt to weaponize elections against Americans. It removes the ability for congressional maps to be redrawn according to representation and would force them to be drawn according to what the Democrats would like to see.

It would also make it difficult for states to remove inactive voters, even dead voters, from their voter rolls. That certainly helps those dead Democratic voters get out and vote each year for their beloved socialist radicals.

Not one single measure mentioned above would secure anyone’s right to vote or change their ability to vote. The truth? They remove representation from Americans and remove the ability for Americans to hear anything other than government-approved propaganda regarding elections. That has nothing to do with securing the right to vote and everything to do with a party that wants to forcefully eliminate conservatives from existence.

Do not think for one second this bill does anything for voters, the right to vote, or protecting anything than the Democrats. Without the bill, Americans still have the opportunity to vote, even though they may not have faith in the integrity of the election. With the bill, well you can kiss election integrity goodbye.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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