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School’s Out – For the Marxists

The Blue State Conservative

The Marxists have a plan and they’ve been executing it for years.  They’ve been preparing our children for life under tyranny by indoctrinating them at school.  One teacher (an Antifa supporter) was even caught on a Project Veritas hidden camera bragging that he’s in the business of creating young communists — and he has seven hours every day to do it.

Their goal has been to turn our kids into children of the state.  They’re separating them from their families by coaching them on topics like contraception, abortion, and gender fluidity.  They’ve even been asking pre-middle school children how they identify sexually.

They’re separating our children from morality.  Prayer is no longer permitted on school grounds.  Lessons are being taught on moral relativism.  It’s creating a generation of Americans who are unable to discern good from evil.  So much the better to sell them on notions such as the killing of unborn babies, up to the point of birth — and in some cases even beyond.

Schools have also been separating our children from American values.  They’re no longer taught the importance of liberty or how our Constitution is meant to constrain government.  Distorted American history and Critical Race Theory are creating disgust for America among our children.  If the Marxists are actually able to destroy America as it was founded, it won’t be missed by the next generation of Americans.

It was all working, until something changed last year.  By the grace of God, the curtain of secrecy was drawn back and the conspiracy was exposed.  COVID arrived and created mass hysteria.  A relatively minor virus triggered a completely irrational response.  Everything was locked down and our kids were forced into a year of remote learning.

For over a year, little George was doing his schoolwork at home on his computer.  But what the teachers didn’t realize was that he was doing it right next to mommy, who was also working from home.  Parents across the country saw for the first time what some of the teachers had been drilling into their children — and that was the beginning of the end for the conspiracy to indoctrinate our children.  The left is learning that you can’t mess with the cubs without incurring the wrath of momma bear.

Protests against school systems have broken out across the country.  School board meetings have become loud and contentious.  State governments are beginning to recognize that this is a big deal.  Politicians see that their reelection prospects may hinge on how they respond — so they’re paying attention.  Many states are taking legislative steps to rein in out-of-control school systems.  Homeschooling and private school enrollment is skyrocketing.

The leadership at many school districts is scared.  They’re on the losing end of this fight and they know it.  The National School Boards Association (NSBA) has even asked the federal government for help.  They want protesting parents be handled as domestic terrorists — bringing the tools of the Patriot Act to bear on people for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.  Could anything be more absurd?  But anger trumps intimidation, and I doubt many of the protesters will be dissuaded.

The action of the NSBA (and the response from Merrick Garland) hasn’t slowed the protests.  It’s merely revealed school administrators as the tyrants they aspire to be.  Calls for government sanctions against parents have galvanized them to redouble their efforts.  It has also triggered additional state and local pushback.  Governors and state attorneys general have warned the Department of Justice to back off.  They will not tolerate attempts by federal law enforcement to stifle free speech in their states.

The request by the NSBA is a sign that they have lost the debate.  It’s behaving like a cornered animal with nowhere to run.  Making an impotent threat to parents is its last attempt to fight for survival.  Radical teachers haven’t surrendered yet, but they’re now revealed as weak bullies — using positions of authority to abuse the most vulnerable.  They’ll fold when confronted by real power — like millions of angry parents coming to the defense of their children.

Now’s the time to finish off the leftists in our school systems.  Step up the peaceful protests.  As Martin Luther King knew, behaving peacefully during protests displays moral authority.  I wouldn’t worry much about threats from the DoJ.  As long as the protests remain civil, there is nothing the DoJ can do.  If it wants to beclown itself, let it.

Investigate the lesson plans used in schools.  Many states allow “freedom of information” requests of the school systems.  Ask to see those guidelines and lesson plans.  Make sure they’re not teaching whatever the repugnant leftist dogma of the day is.  Also ensure that they’re teaching unbiased American History, the Constitution, and civics.

Sit in on classroom sessions.  Most schools will discourage parents from sitting in.  But in many states, they’re required by law to allow it.  Don’t take no for an answer.  Organize with other parents to coordinate classroom sit-ins for better coverage.  The good teachers won’t mind.  The bad teachers will be put on notice — we’re watching.

Run for positions on the local school board.  Turnout for school board elections is notoriously low and elections are often decided by just a few hundred votes.  The teacher’s unions have gotten used to the fact that they can control these elections by simply getting a good turnout of educators at the polls.  Imagine their surprise if an enterprising parent leverages their neighborhood, church, and social network connections to get out the vote in favor of an alternative candidate.

Investigate educational alternatives.  Charter schools, parochial schools, and private schools are all formal education alternatives.  Homeschooling is exploding in this country.  Many parents are opting to educate their children themselves.  State and private organizations provide a plethora of materials to help them do so.

Most importantly, talk to your children and grandchildren.  They often sense that they’re being fed a load of crap at school and just need to hear from an adult as a sanity check.   Just ask the kids what they’re learning at school and see where the conversation goes.  This is a conversation I had with my 5th-grade granddaughter last week:

Me:  What did you learn in school today?

Granddaughter:  We learned that some words are hurtful and we shouldn’t use hate 


Me: Do black lives matter?

Granddaughter:  Oh, yes.

Me:  Do all lives matter?

Granddaughter:  Of course.

Me:  Sorry, “all lives matter” is considered hate speech.

Granddaughter:  That’s stupid!

We then had a discussion and decided that it’s better to have free speech than to have somebody we don’t know deciding what’s hateful and what isn’t.  And just like that, her daily dose of indoctrination was reversed — in under 15 minutes.

Parents have been awakened to what the leftists have been doing to their children.  It is highly likely that the parents are going to win this battle.  Hopefully, their efforts will also inoculate a generation 0f Americans against leftism.  The radicals made a tactical error when they employed our children as disposable pawns in a political fight.  Let’s make sure they pay dearly for that mistake.

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This article was first published by American Thinker.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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John Green

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Star, Idaho. He is a retired engineer with over 40 years of experience in the areas of product development, quality assurance, organizational development, and corporate strategic planning. He can be reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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