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Say “Good-Bye” to Everybody’s Freedom and Liberty 

The Blue State Conservative

We watch our world crumbling before our very eyes, as those people who hate America, citizens and foreign nationals alike, work to do the bidding of the authoritarian globalist statists, Marxists and fascists currently in the seats of government in America, tolerating the intolerable and still incredulously working to “find compromise” with those who seek to transform America and eradicate the Founding and all that has gone before us.

Why? And for how much longer? One might ask.

Our captors and occupiers continue to spend trillions upon trillions of dollars, with no true understanding of exactly how much wealth each trillion might represent or any care for how the borrowed trillions and the $30 trillion national debt will ever be paid off, or if it ever will be paid off. Do they even care? I think not, for they know it is all either going to soon come tumbling down like the house of cards it is, or they won’t be living to see the end of the feast at the trough and the slaughter of the hogs, when the dark winter is upon America; the world in fact.

And the propaganda machine rolls on just as fast as the printing presses at the Federal Reserve Bank.

The Covid Hoax continues as Dr Anthony Fauci continues with his lies and fronting for those very same so-called “elites” who would be kings of the world under whatever system they believe they can sell to the ignorant madding masses, who have sold their individual liberty, their inalienable God-given rights, and their very soul to the Devil and the immorality, deviancy, depravity and vile evil it brings, just so they may be “taken care of” by the Leviathan and the tyrants.

Oh yes. The looters, takers, thieves in broad daylight, laughing and smiling at the great heist they are getting away with to the detriment of good and decent Americans, are certainly going to “be taken care of”, as the Jab leads to one long string of booster shots and brings them the death sought by the Modern Day Malthusians, those early proponents of baby sacrifices at the altar of Planned Parenthood and the abortionists ever so willing to murder a baby, even as he, as she — yes, we use pronouns here — peeks their little head from the vagina and escapes the womb, leaving baby body parts on the birthing table to be sold to the highest bidder, to be used in more transhumanist “research” enabling the continuation of the Covid agenda, the agenda of depopulating the world.

From the first day Evil has sought Man’s death, and Adam and Eve blindly fell under its spell, setting in motion all we witness and battle against today. And despite the knowledge that the forces of Good, those faithful believers in Jesus Christ, win in the end, it doesn’t make life in the here and now too much more bearable, as we suffer an ever more increasing and advancing tyranny around the world. But especially so in what has largely and historically been known as “the Free World”, ’til now, as tyranny has slung Australia and the U.K low and is working to do the same in America.

Life has become an everyday battle for most people, just to navigate the “new rules”, the illegal mandates, and executive orders that are being imposed under the color of law, when in fact they have absolutely zero basis in any actual U.S. code, or “law”. And while we may make it through each day by taking pleasure in the simplest of things, from a bluebird chirping on a tree limb outside our kitchen window, the sunrise, or the cute little neighborhood fox running down our street in the moonlight, we get no pleasure and only misery of heart and mind from being put upon and abused by the tyrants who currently hold the reins of power and the seats of government.

We worry for our children and how they might survive the idiocy of an energy policy that works to destroy conventional automobiles and diesel trucks and tractors before anything viable is in place to replace them. More serious is the void left by attacking fracking, new drilling, and coal, to end its days, in favor of wind and solar energy, without even considering expanding the clean energy of the highly efficient nuclear industry.

The psychopathic monsters pushing this ideology of death don’t really care how much ordinary Americans or people elsewhere around the world are hurt by their policies, since they never intended on being held to the same standard themselves, forever pressing forward with “rules for thee, but not for me”, just as we all see former Vice-President Al Gore’s 10,000 square feet mansion in Belle Meade, Tennessee regularly lit up like a Christmas tree, especially at Christmas time, or Special Envoy for Climate Change John Kerry regularly jet-setting around the globe in a private jet, whose twelve cars, two yachts and six homes most assuredly have an exponentially larger “carbon foot-print” than my little ol’ ten-speed English racer bicycle, ’98 Mercury and three bedroom ranch house.

And as if this isn’t enough for the average, everyday normal American family to have to worry over, we see our borders opened wide for any and all comers, with Afghan terrorists, Haitian gang members, Mexican cartels and even Chinese communist spies, or any and every other enemy of America, coming and going at will by way of South America and the Darien Gap between Colombia and Panama, and area I loved to roam as a boy of seven, when my father was stationed at Ft Davis, Canal Zone, Panama.

The enemies from within are doing the dirty work for America’s enemies, whether we speak of China, Russia, Pakistan or Iran and a sundry litany of others, as they have allowed the continuation of the theft of intellectual property and technology from the U.S. to the point that we recently witnessed a significant juncture in history and the U.S. surpassed by China with the successful test of a new hypersonic missile, for which America has no defense.

Ah yes. Good times ahead for all.

And the hits and the misery index just keeps on coming and climbing higher, as everything under the sun is jumping in price, anywhere from a ten percent increase for milk and bacon to a forty-five percent increase for fuel oil and gasoline. Used cars are up a whopping twenty-four percent, and stagnation is on its way.

If Americans survive the Idiots in the White House, Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court over the next few years, we might just stand a chance at remaining free, however we maneuver this obstacle course filled with pitfalls, booby-traps and traitors tripping over traitors to see who can present the most anti-American image to the CNN and MSNBC cameras. But staying alive will be the real battle, as we will find ourselves playing “Hurry-up and Catch-up” to counter and neutralize the current edge China has gained and to restore our domestic economy back to health, enough that everybody has what they truly may need, if not what they may want.

Life isn’t perfect. But it’s damned tough when one is crippled on all fronts by Fat Ass Know-nothing Bureaucrats, Yes Men, Useful Idiots and Knowing Purposeful Traitors. It’s damned tough, when one could find one’s way out of the tunnel and into the light, but for communists intent on keeping everybody driven down into “equality” in the common denominator of poverty for all, as serfs cowed and submissive to the Super State.

At a time when the mechanisms of government that were designed as checks and balances on such overreaches of power and means to safeguard our freedom and liberty no longer seem to be working as intended, ‘We the People’ — for whoever that designates — are left with very few options these days, and corrupt men declare themselves to be the arbiter of truth and what is “law” without comment or proper public discourse. And the result is a republic being hacked away at by Marxist and Maoist Cancel Culture radicals, who will not rest until America is destroyed, and even now, they are successfully removing the statue of Thomas Jefferson from the chambers of the New York City Council, which opens the door to every single Founding Father who owned slaves to be erased from American history, including George Washington.

Say “Good-Bye” to the Washington Monument and say “Good-Bye” to everybody’s freedom and liberty if freedom-loving Americans don’t start doing a whole hell of a lot more to stop these fascists and communists than they have done to date. Freedom comes at a cost and nobody ever promised the fight to remain free would be an easy road.

But if you’re “A’OK” with Biden and Marx Inc and all that portends for America’s future and the state of liberty in the country generations from now, I suppose you can join in the chorus as you and your ilk sing “let them eat cake” while an ever-increasing number of Americans go onto the public welfare rolls or simply fall by the wayside in new manmade diseases and starvation. Carry on like there’s no tomorrow and no consequences to follow; do a little dance; sing a little song and get down tonight” and see where you may land in the end.

I’m still of the mind “better dead than red”, and I intend to remain free, even if it means picking up a rifle and killing amerikkan commies and a combination of ChiCom and UN Security Force invaders, if finally left with no other choice.

In the meantime, I’ll muddle along through this world, doing no wrong and meaning no harm, enjoying each new sunrise and each new rising moon, and hoping to be left alone alongside those I respect, admire and love to continue tp love and let live.

Photo by sunnyscamera at Flickr.

Content syndicated from TheBlueStateConservative.com with permission.

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Justin O. Smith

Hailing from the Great State of Tennessee, Justin O. Smith is a patriotic American and regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative whose work has been published by American Thinker and The Rutherford Reader. He can be found on Gab, MeWe, and Clouthub.

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  1. Thank you, Justin, for putting the facts in plain sight for everyone to read. I couldn’t have said it better and I hope people read them!! As you know, there is only one way to stop this train. They’ve made a fiasco of voting so that won’t help us. The train of traitors must be run off the tracks!!!!!

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