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Medicine is the New Trojan Horse

COVID overtook the world in the blink of an eye and to the complete surprise of almost everyone, except Anthony Fauci. He was well aware of the NIH funding of the coronavirus gain-of-function research.

Nevertheless, unsuspecting do-gooders jumped at the chance to promote health and wellness. For at least a moment in 2020, we were all in it together.

However, it didn’t take long for bits of the narrative to crumble, crack, and expose half-truths from politicians, government agencies, and trusted medical professionals. Whether it was mask-wearing, school openings, or vaccination, the polarization became more pronounced and in some respects, a jagged edge. And dissent was quickly villainized, no matter the intent or merit of the protest.

That’s because the Left has cultivated a political climate in which they can use medicine or health as a Trojan Horse for their agenda. Just as BLM hides behind a noble cause of ending discrimination and racial violence while actually promoting Marxism and radicalizing the youth of America.

“Trust the science” has become a religion, a cult mantra, an unwritten law that scares people into silence until few are willing to question the mandates, the segregation, and in some cases, abuse.

And as the pandemic continues and the CDC, FDA, WHO, NIH, and Fauci continue to run our lives in the name of public health, their reach is growing. Look at the 2021 Rent Moratorium. When has the CDC ever had a hand in the financial circumstances of tenants or business owners?

Unfortunately, that Trojan horse doesn’t stop there. Look at the recent statement from the CDC on gun violence. While not COVID-related, Democrats have honed a strategy that works. Few want to argue for something that goes against public health.

They don’t want to risk being labeled a domestic terrorist, an extremist, in some cases, a Trump supporter. But what happens when the Left can use the CDC and their unyielding iron fist to justify unconstitutional Red Flag Laws, which is another step toward chipping away our rights?

They have no intention of stopping either. Just look at the recent move to label parents as domestic terrorists for speaking up against mask mandates and discriminatory Critical Race Theory curriculums.

Essentially, if you step in front of the “trust the science” horse, you will be met with the harshest action possible. It would be wise to pay close attention because so far, the disreputable formula works.Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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