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Living In A Potemkin World (Part Two)

The Blue State Conservative

In Part One of this article I described the fraudulent world we live in, and postulated we are moving from Huxley’s “soft” dystopia towards Orwell’s boot on the face “hard” dystopia. This pandemic of fear initiated by the Davos crowd over the last two years is following the path I have laid out. 

“Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell

All the examples of truth suppression and silence regarding the truth pale in comparison to the massive conspiracy of silence related to this build back better pandemic scheme. From the outset, when ZeroHedge and a few other alternative media outlets postulated the virus had escaped from the Wuhan bio-weapon lab, a conspiracy of silence was initiated to cover-up the facts. Twitter crushed anyone who put forth this possibility and suspended ZeroHedge from posting for months.

Why the cover-up to protect the communist party of China? As usual, it’s about the money. These media companies, universities, politicians, mega-corporations, Biden and Fauci are all bought off by China. The lies and misinformation continue to this day, as China’s control of major players within our government, media, academia, and corporate America is deep and broad based.

The silence and suppression of the lab leak theory was necessary so Biden and his globalist backers, along with their media propaganda outlets and social media tyrants, could blame Trump for allowing the virus to spread across the U.S. Their impeachment farce, to take the focus off Biden’s traitorous actions in the Ukraine, had dissipated under an avalanche of lies and misinformation, just like Russiagate.

Mass murderer Fauci, the chief funder of weaponizing the China flu, and his cohort of Chinese funded “experts” lured Trump into signing his own death warrant by shutting down the country over a flu, less lethal to those under 50 than the annual flu. After achieving the goal of striking fear into the masses, the lies, falsities, miss-truths and silencing of truth tellers has taken on a new dimension never imagined by Orwell, Huxley or Bernays.Dehumanized" Mask by AJ500 | Redbubble

Dehumanizing the populace through mandatory masking, even though Fauci scoffed at the need for masks in March 2020, CDC studies showed masks don’t stop viruses, numerous scientific studies proved masks don’t work, and the cases rose exponentially in January 2021 in all areas with mandatory masking requirements, was the goal of the globalists. The media publicity campaign to promote masks and lockdowns was pure propaganda, based on zero facts and no data.

The PCR test was engineered to produce cases that did not exist, because fear was necessary to allow mail-in ballots for the election, and to destroy the economy before the election. Any doctor or scientist questioning the validity of the PCR test was cancelled and censored. There is complete silence in the media about the FDA pulling its EUA for the PCR test as of December 31, because it can’t distinguish between covid, the flu, or common cold.Coronavirus: surprisingly big problems caused by small errors in testing

The most blatant cover-up and silence about the truth is regarding these experimental gene therapies, framed as vaccines, and designed to enrich Big Pharma, corporate hospital chains, the media pushing the disinformation, government lackeys like Fauci and his pals who will be rewarded handsomely for their acquiescence, doctors paid off to keep silent, and scientists getting big fat grants from Big Pharma.

This might be the most despicable, evil undertaking in the history of our country. And it is still in its infancy. Even though there have been 63 scientific studies proving invermectin, a safe and cheap drug prescribed to human beings for decades whose inventor received a Noble Prize in medicine, drastically reduced the symptoms of covid and essentially ended the pandemic in India, it has been scorned, ridiculed, and suppressed by the media, Fauci, Walensky and Big Pharma.Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 123 studies

If they admitted that it works, their EUA for the jabs would be invalidated, and the tens of billions in profits would dry up and not be able to be spread around to the co-conspirators. Money talks and the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the world is a small price to pay for increasing the wealth of the oligarchs and their hatchet men. Twitter & Facebook declare any positive factual information about ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to be misleading and false.

They have banned dozens of doctors and journalists from presenting alternative views from the approved globalist narrative. Alex Berenson, Naomi Wolff, Ron Paul, Front Line Doctors (FLCCC), NY Post, and dozens of other truth telling people and organizations have been de-platformed and denied their First Amendment rights because mega-media corporations say they have a monopoly on the truth.Joe Rogan Destroys CNN's Doctor Sanjay Gupta O

Joe Rogan recovered from covid in a few days using ivermectin and a couple other Front Line Doctor recommended treatments. CNN and the rest of the compliant left-wing media ridiculed him for taking horse de-wormer. One problem for them. Rogan has a bigger and more listened to platform than these dying legacy media echo chambers. He destroyed shill faux doctor Sanjay Gupta and fake news CNN and proved they are nothing but lying mouthpieces for the corrupt authoritarian establishment.

Fauci, Big Pharma, and the media lied about the efficacy of these “vaccines”, which aren’t even vaccines. The lies about them being almost 100% effective in keeping you from contracting covid were perpetuated by Fauci, Biden and Big Pharma in early 2021. No questioning of the trial data was allowed. We now know their Big Lie has been utilized to demand compliance, institute vaccine passports, and force companies to mandate vaccines. And now they are coming for your children, even though children have virtually 0% risk of dying from covid. They have doubled down on forcing these jabs upon those who refuse to participate in this dangerous experiment.How Dr Robert Malone invented Antivaxxery – For Better Science

The truth is these vaccines do no work as advertised. They do not protect you from catching the virus, spreading the virus, being hospitalized by the virus, or dying from the virus. Its efficacy is so poor, they are demanding you get a booster after six months. The booster’s efficacy will wear off even sooner. An eternity of booster shots are just what Big Pharma and the Fauci worshipers want.

Real vaccines eradicate disease (smallpox, polio). This vaccine creates variants, injures people, kills people within weeks, and appears to be creating a long-term ADE (anti-body dependent enhancement) problem for the millions who have put their trust in a Big Pharma experiment, where they face no liability for any death and injuries they cause. Data is emerging in Germany & the UK showing the overall mortality rate, not due to covid, rising rapidly. You won’t hear that on any media outlet, but the facts cannot be denied.

As Biden and his fear mongering leeches continue their all-out assault on our liberties, freedoms, right to make a living, and right to choose what medicines we put in our bodies, their time is running out. Half the country is chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” as this Potemkin Pandemic fizzles out, no matter how hard the fake news media, Raggedy Ann Psaki, Dementia Joe, and Flip Flop Fauci, attempt to keep the fear and loathing at an elevated level. Real journalists and real medical “experts” would be congratulating the American public for the tremendous success in the 52% decline in cases over the last month, and the 25% reduction in deaths. But facts don’t align with their narrative, so the plunge in cases is never mentioned.

In August, the attack dog media were overjoyed by the rise in cases in Florida. DeathSantis was trending on Twitter and stories of imminent disaster were widespread because DeSantis made vaccine mandates and masking mandates illegal, while telling Biden to shove his totalitarian measures. It’s funny that there is complete silence about the 91% plunge in cases over the last two months and 62% crash in deaths in the last month. With a population over 21 million, Florida has one of the lowest rates of covid per million people in the nation, with no authoritarian measures or mandates, and a vaccine rate in the middle of the pack. Floridians are living their lives like normal.

As the shrill cries for everyone to be vaccinated continue from the “experts”, a strange occurrence seems to be happening. Let’s examine the facts, without bias or spin.

Vermont is the most vaxxed state in the country, with 70.4% of their population fully vaxxed. How could their cases be at an all-time high, exceeding the winter peak, and still rising? Inquiring minds would want to know whether this means the vaccines don’t work or are they actually the cause of the new cases. Don’t expect an investigative report from 60 Minutes, Jim Acosta, or Rachel Maddow. They are too invested in the narrative and highly compensated to report what they are told to report.

Now to the other side of the ledger. West Virginia is the least vaxxed state in the country, with only 40.8% of their population vaxxed. The liberal elite MSNBC junkies scorn and ridicule these uneducated “hillbillies” and their vaccine “hesitancy”. How could their cases fall by 45% over the last month with such a low vaxx rate? It’s almost as if the vaccines have absolutely no impact on the level of cases or deaths.

The national rise in cases that started in August, peaked in September, and will dwindle to virtually nothing in November, happened when the majority of adults were already vaxxed.

Since the beginning of this plandemic, cases have been purposely overstated by a factor of at least five; deaths attributed to covid have been overstated by a factor of at least ten, as only 6% of deaths can be attributed solely to covid; vaccine effectiveness is less than 50% and only lasts a few months; the adverse reactions and deaths from the vaccine appearing in the VAERS database is understated by at least a factor of ten as the medical industry desperately covers up the damage being inflicted on humanity.

Natural immunity from having the virus is at least ten times stronger and long lasting than these vaccines, but the paid-off medical “experts” purposely ignore these facts.

The question is why the lies? For what purpose are the lives of millions being purposely destroyed? What is the true agenda? I think Huxley and Orwell capture the gist of the situation in their own brilliant assessments of mankind. 

“A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”  – Aldous Huxley

“All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.” – George Orwell

There are millions of Americans loving their servitude, voluntarily masking, begging for their booster, unquestioningly believing everything Fauci utters, demanding vaccine mandates and passports, and never entertaining the possibility they have been lied to and led to slaughter by their government leaders. These people are weak minded, easily manipulated, and will never question their totalitarian masters.

But, there is a segment of the population, of probably less than 20%, who are capable of seeing through this entire fraudulent episode and choosing to resist the tyranny subverting our country. There are still real journalists (Berenson, Greenwald), non-compromised  doctors (Robert Malone, Pierre Kory, Peter McCoullough), and alternative media websites who day in and day out fight to expose the fraud, lies, and deception engulfing our world.

Now that this fraudulent hijacking of our civilization has been exposed by the few remaining truth tellers, the totalitarian globalists are enacting their agenda exclusively through force. The vaccine mandates and passports are designed to coerce the resistant into falling into line, or their jobs, income and livelihood will be destroyed.

Biden and his handlers have no issue with overriding the Constitution with dictatorial proclamations designed to intimidate companies and citizens into submission.

Defiance and protests are met with clubs, pepper spray, rubber bullets, and imprisonment. When the Attorney General considers parents voicing their displeasure at school board meetings as domestic terrorism, while judging ANTIFA and BLM burning cities and killing cops as peaceful protests, you know there is a much more diabolical aspect to this farce.

The Great Reset” Conspiracy Flourishes Amid Continued Pandemic | Anti-Defamation League

At first this Build Back Better Great Reset agenda seemed far fetched and seemed like a conspiracy theory. But, as we know, virtually every conspiracy theory over the last decade has proven to be true. It is now undeniable to anyone with critical thinking skills, which eliminates every CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Washington Post, NY Times acolyte, this globalist agenda is real and in danger of succeeding. The brazen disregard for all societal and cultural norms, the rule of law, borders, individual rights, and the

Constitution, are proof this is an ongoing coup designed to tear down the foundations of our society, so a new world order based on communistic principles can be installed.

How else can you explain the purposeful opening of our southern border to third world vagrants; the purposeful destruction of our domestic energy industry; the forced firings of tens of thousands in the medical industry, transportation industry, military, law enforcement, and other vital industries due to vaccine mandates for a vaccine that doesn’t work; the destruction of the job market through welfare incentives to not work; subversion of the military through wokeness and purging of anyone who voted for Trump; purposely generated massive inflation through Federal Reserve money creation; bankrupting the nation with $3.5 trillion social engineering green new deal bills; and wreaking havoc on global supply chains with inane policies and restrictions.

These men seek power for its own sake. They want complete control over the world and a reduced population of slaves. As individuals who understand the truth of what’s going on, we can often feel alone and abandoned. This is part of their plan. They want us to abandon hope. They want to separate us from others of like mind. They know we outnumber them, so they crack the whip in order to make us bow down to their demands. But once one stands up, others will follow, and then the tide will turn.

It Only Takes One To Stand Up

The time is now to make our stand. I sense a turning of the tide, but these demonic forces will not stand down or surrender. They must be defeated and made to pay the price for their traitorous deeds. For now, passive resistance against vaccine mandates by refusing to get the jab, banding with key co-workers to sabotage corporate efforts to bully employees into taking the jab, boycotting all businesses requiring vaccination, starving the beast by consuming less, and creating an alternative pure blood universe where those relying on their immune systems join together and support each other.

A Covid Vaccine Crossroads - WSJ

Raise your own food, if possible. If not, make friends with local farmers. Form coalitions with like minded people. Barter and cut the government out of the transaction. The creation of on-line job sites only catering to employers who do not require the vaxx will flourish. Doctors and nurses who have been fired for refusing to bow down to Big Pharma need to form their own practices, appealing to un-vaxxed patients. None of this will be easy, but adherence to the truth and steadfastness in our opposition to these Potemkin fascist overlords is vital to our ultimate triumph over evil.

The truth matters. The truth is not subject to opinions. Truth is based on facts. If we forsake facts, we forsake freedom. Just because a large swath of the populace, through the manipulation of their minds by the totalitarian propagandists, have abandoned truth, doesn’t mean we have to accept their perverted inversion of the truth. When you abandon the truth, you submit yourself to the forces of tyranny, where facts are meaningless and collective trust is lost. Any malevolent act can be rationalized, because the truth no longer exists as a guidepost for society. The truth cannot be bought. The future of our country and the world hangs in the balance. It can go terribly wrong or we can cling to the truth and make our last stand against the dark forces attempting to destroy us.

“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” – George Orwell


Featured photo by Blondinrikard Froberg Flickr.

All other photos courtesy of The Burning Platform.

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Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn is the founder of The Burning Platform who has spent most of his career as a financial executive in the corporate world and is a friend of The Blue State Conservative. He now works on the business side of a major university and is a keen observer of the financial scene and the way it expresses itself in the decay of everyday life.

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