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Dental Update: More Brands Now Provide At Home Aligners

As the number of adults treated with clear aligners increase, research has found that the use of clear aligners can facilitate oral hygiene, improve periodontal status and decrease plaque levels, gingival inflammation and bleeding upon probing. The same research indicates that fixed appliances (traditional wire braces) made plaque control difficult and can have adverse effects on periodontal tissues, which could make orthodontic treatment a predisposing factor for periodontal diseases. 

Periodontal diseases are mainly the result of infections and inflammation of the gums and bone that support and surround the teeth.  According to the study, clear aligners have been found to promote better oral hygiene and periodontal health. It also helps to reduce plaque accumulation and the development of white spot lesions. In a separate study orthodontic treatment with clear aligners have been found to be associated with a low incidence of newly developed white spot lesions. Resulting overall, in healthier teeth. 

Getting a Zoom-friendly Smile

Dublin-based cosmetic dentist Dr. Sarah Flannery has noticed first-hand the effects of the so-called “Zoom boom.” Dr. Flannery notes that, “Three or four times a week, I have patients saying ‘I’m here because of Zoom – I’m seeing myself much more and I need to fix my smile’. Everybody wants whiter teeth. They want them flush and straight. They want minimally invasive treatment done fast – they don’t want any cutting of their teeth or porcelain veneers. They just want to tweak their smile.” 

When it comes to smile tweaking, at home options fit the bill of “minimal invasive treatment.”. However, it can be unclear which brand is the best option for each individual patient. This is where resources like Smile Prep truly shine as they help to provide unbiased insight and customer reviews into latest dental developments. When researching at home teeth straighteners it can be useful to compare Candid VS Byte as an alternative to Invisalign. 

Candid and Byte are both clear aligner services that offer at-home teeth straightening. Both companies are newer on the scene than industry giants Invisalign and SmileDirectClub. If a patient is a good candidate for treatment both Candid and Byte can deliver highly effective treatment results. Both brands show a great commitment to delivering high quality products and consistent results. 

Candid VS Byte a Quick Comparison

While both brands cut their aligners straight across the top for increased alignment power, there are some significant differences in Candid and Byte’s approaches. 

Candid works exclusively with orthodontists and offers direct orthodontist access with Remote Monitoring. The brand also partners with ClearCorrect for their manufacturing needs and the average treatment time is around 6 months. The sticker price includes retainers at no extra charge. Impression kits are $95, but are offered as a free service at Candid Studio locations. Furthermore, the brand offers in-house and third-party financing plans, although a credit check is required. 

Daniel G, from Chicago had this review about Candid: “I really enjoyed working with Candid Co. to enhance my smile. Their customer support was phenomenal when my initial impression kit was too small for my mouth. Word of advice for anyone: choose an in-person scan to be 1,000% sure your Aligners will fit perfectly.” 

Byte offers a bit more flexibility and works with licensed dentists as well as orthodontists. Treatment time on average is around three to four months and is credited to the use of HyperByte technology. It is unclear who the brand partners with for their manufacturing needs. The sticker price includes aftercare retainers. Financing options are available, but require a down payment. 

Ashley G, from Semmes, reviewed Byte as follows:I chose Byte because it was affordable and the treatment time was fast. They have exceeded my expectations! I wanted to fix my gap and my overbite. The first couple of days they did hurt but after that, you don’t even feel them. Now, I love to smile and I do it with confidence. I’ve gotten so many compliments. Customer support alone has been by my side since day one checking in on me and I like that. Thank you Byte!”

Maintaining Your Pearly Whites Practically

Dr. Carol Jin, DDS, is a trusted cosmetic and family dentist serving clients in San Jose shares some practical tips on how to achieve a Zoom-friendly smile. Dr. Carol Jin advises to  reach for water as tea and coffee stain teeth and can have a dehydrating effect. “On the other hand, water hydrates your body while increasing saliva, which in turn helps your mouth naturally wash away the plaque and bits of food that contribute to dull and yellow teeth,” Dr. Carol Jin notes. She reiterated the importance of daily brushing as well. “Even if you aren’t going on camera, you should use fluoride toothpaste to brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes each time.” 

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