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Big Pharma, The Health Care Complex, and Government: The Triumvirate Of Tyranny

The Blue State Conservative

Government control over the economy leads to government control of society.  Corporate control over the economy means corporate control of the government.

There is not enough morality left within our country to inhibit illicit acts by our betters.

Thalidomide and the current poisoning of our society with the RNA concoctions are quite a combination and include a valuable historical lesson.  We have trusted drug companies medical practitioners before with disastrous effects.  Thalidomide was prescribed all over Europe and was given away as free samples by drug pushers, sorry I mean pharmaceutical representatives, in the USA.  There were thousands of babies born worldwide with limbs that were terribly deformed.

The drug was proscribed for pregnant women with emotional problems or nausea in the 1950s. In the US, we had a very competent and brave lady in charge of the FDA.  She did not allow this drug to be approved for regular prescription use.  This saved thousands more from the birth defects and allowed us to continue to believe in our government as it was independent from the drug companies.

Since that time, our medical system has undergone incredible structural change.  As new treatments were developed, costs inevitably rose.  One result was the need for health insurance. In 50 years, money spent in the medical industry has almost tripled as a percent of GDP, to almost 18%.  That is hundreds of billions of dollars!

This huge amount of money led to several industries sniffing the winds of corruption.  Medicare and Medicaid became necessary to keep people from dying in the street as the old charity hospital systems became obsolete for lack of funds and volunteers.

Congress and the medical industries realized the potential for graft and things really heated up. At that time, your family doctor was really a small businessman who worked hard and deserved his respect in the community.  There was even a service he provided known as a “house call.”  (You must be pretty old to remember it.)

The independent doctor is rapidly heading towards extinction.   The costs are simply too high to withstand.  The new kids out of medical school go to work for the large hospital chains and are employees like anyone else.  Meetings are held about cash flow and new cost protocols are handed down from accounting.  Doctors not meeting corporate diktats are fired just like anyone else, creating a huge conflict and dependence.

Today, the billions of dollars in government largess for each flu admission or vaccine administered is too great for the hospital systems to ignore.  The pharmaceutical companies reward the hospitals as well.  This dependence on funding and not patient welfare has allowed the flu propaganda to continue to blossom for 18 months.

Lawyers and malpractice insurance salesmen began a process in the 1950s that would gradually force a standardization in patient care.  A list of procedures is now required for each patient and must be adhered to so that malpractice and patient health insurance would be satisfied by keeping legal/financial exposure as low as possible.  Patient health is now of secondary importance to malpractice payouts.

Your healthcare dollar has become cafeteria line and you are a bit of meat to feed the savages.

The drug companies have learned a valuable lesson from thalidomide.  The FDA needed to be instructed and compensated to achieve an early market penetration for  new drugs.  This objective was accomplished by setting up research foundations and awarding grants to “deserving” applicants.

Expanded drug pricing was designed to have the American public fund the research for new medications.  Is the new drug necessary or is it just a response to the old patent running out?  If the old patent for a drug is expiring, the latest and greatest improvement is spread over the country to great new profitability.  It is then shipped around the world into price controlled countries at a much lower rate.  (We are such nice racist, imperialist pigs.)

Why would a doctor recommend the new drug for treatment?  Would there be a commission involved for the hospital?  Hospitals are also very easy marks for political extortion.  The Medicare account is the most important to support hospital cash flow.  Any deviations from accepted government protocols and directives are investigated and fines levied accordingly.  Audits are dangled to keep the systems in line.

Now we have another instance of mass destruction that has been levied upon us by our FDA and their cohorts in Congress and the Medical Industrial Complex.  There are thousands of deaths and terrible reactions to the new compounds injected into our citizens in the name of controlling a new flu. The last bridges of faith in our medical professionals have been burned as we see the unnecessary deaths and injury caused by our government funded medical system.  The system must survive with injections of your tax dollars though you may not.

The interesting points in this Federal Medical Complex are that Congress or their staff are not required to use Obamacare and they are also not required to get the flu shot.  I wonder why?  Just remember you are the peon and should do as you are told.  They would never lie for money would they?

I believe the next and ultimate step will be to require the shot to qualify for Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.  This will of course lead your health insurer to do the same.

We will unfortunately extend our two level social structure to its’ logical conclusion which is the Liverpool Pathway., for the deplorables and other undesirables.

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