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Be careful as you celebrate Manchin and Sinema’s actions

We continue to see the radical left’s political circus play out in Washington. Democrats have had control of the White House and most of Congress for over 10 months. They promised massive spending and an amazing turnabout in the United States. They overpromised for sure.

For starters, the turnabout in the US has been nonexistent. Inflation is through the roof and Americans are paying nearly twice as much as they were just one year ago for everyday things like gas. But Biden was going to ‘Build Back Better’ right?

Which is the point of this article entirely. Biden promised Americans that he was going to build back better. He stole the mantra of Donald Trump where Trump promised to Make America Great Again. Apparently, Biden thought simply finding a slogan that was easier to say would make everyone forget how great things were.

As he has worked through his Build Back Better agenda, he has been met with resistance from both sides of the radical left. From the progressive radicals, they want more spending and more entitlement programs. Biden is eager to appease them on the surface but has let Sen’s Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin take the brunt of the blame.

On Wednesday, news outlets were reporting that Manchin was against the proposed millionaire tax that the progressives wanted to use to “pay for the spending.” Even though it would never fully pay for the spending, it sounded good on the surface to Americans that will believe a sound bite. Sinema has been against part of the agenda as well and the progressives and propagandists all united against them.

HuffPost called them the ‘Demolition Duo’ as they shared how the ‘Manchin Chopping Block’ was removing things from Biden’s plan. Rachel Maddow and other propagandists started attacking them for their actions and even former NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo attacked Biden for allowing family leave to be removed.

What really was concerning to me was to see several conservative outlets that were almost celebrating the actions of Manchin and Sinema. One called Manchin the ‘grim reaper‘ for the radical left agenda. But the actions of Sinema and Manchin are not really to be celebrated, they should have been expected.

Biden knows good and well that a massive $3.5 trillion spending bill would not only tank his presidency, but also any chance of the Democrats retaining control of Congress next year. America is already reeling from bad policy and horrible leadership. The last thing he wants to do is to tank it entirely now.

The radical left wants to maintain control, so they truly needed someone to be a “bad cop” to help stop the progressive push to bankrupt the nation overnight. They all have the same goal, but some are more committed than others. They need a stronger majority to force their will on Americans.

So Sinema and Manchin are doing exactly what Joe Biden needs. They are holding back the spending and progressives, while Biden continues to play the peacemaker role. If he succeeds in negotiating a smaller package, progressives will be disappointed but satisfied something was done. Moderates will regain their hope in his leadership and that he can possibly turn things around.

They believe this will help them in 2022 to keep the House and a build a larger majority in the Senate. If conservatives continue to celebrate Manchin and Sinema, that could be what happens. Instead, we should be attacking the entire measure and the entire left for their ridiculous attempts at leadership.

It is not enough that the measure is simply scaled back, it needs to be stopped entirely. It will do nothing to build America back better but will continue us down the progressive entitlement path. A small move here can help them win in 2022 and possibly push us even further into their agenda in the last 2 years of his term.

Don’t celebrate that the Democrats are in disarray or disorganized in their attempts to push the spending plan. Trust me, they know exactly what they are doing. Sinema and Manchin are part of the plan.

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  1. Once you are aware of one important truth that ALL democrats are SCUM, you never really expect anything good from any of them.

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