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A Closer Look at Invisalign, Byte and Other Trendy Brands

Between July 2018 and June 2018, two of the most popular dental related online search questions in the US were “how much is invisalign”, 19.6% of searches, and “how much does invisalign cost”, 14.4% of searches. There is an obvious interest in clear aligners, but Invisalign is no longer the only available option. New brands on the market such as Byte offer consumers increasingly affordable and convenient aligners. Consumers will need to consider the pros and cons of all available aligners to determine which is right for them.

When you compare Invisalign with Byte you see that Invisalign is best suited for some treatments while Byte is suitable for others and may be the best overall choice for most consumers. 



Invisalign requires in-office treatment, which may be preferable when treating more severe misalignments. This allows orthodontists to monitor patients progress via follow up visits and the care is generally more personalized.

Invisalign can treat the same severity of conditions as braces and includes supplemental orthodontic appliances and attachments such as elastics. 

Aesthetically, Invisalign is designed to match the natural surface of your tooth and the aligners are customized to fit each patient’s gumline. However, this natural appearance can be compromised by the use of elastics and other related attachments. 


In office treatments are generally more expensive, as you are required to pay for multiple appointments. Attending these appointments can also be time consuming and inconvenient. 

Invisalign treatments take approximately 12 to 18 months to achieve desired results. 

Invisalign treatment generally costs an average of between $3,000 and $8,000, which does not include aftercare retainers, to be worn once the treatment is complete, which cost several hundred dollars. 



Byte is an at home aligner which as a treatment option tends to be more affordable. At $1,895, or $2,295 for night time treatment, Byte costs significantly less than Invisalign. Not having to travel to appointments is also more convenient and less time consuming.

Another convenient option offered by Byte is the night time only option, where the aligner is worn overnight, for 10 hours per day. 

Byte at home aligners generally take around 3 to 6 months to achieve desired results.


At home aligners may not be able to  treat severe misalignment conditions as well as in office treatments, and online customer support cannot take the place of an in office personal touch. Byte also does not incorporate additional orthodontic attachments such as elastics which may be necessary in some cases. 

Aesthetically, the finish on these aligners can appear artificially shiny and the aligners can overlap with patients’ gums, making them look slightly less natural. However, because no attachments are included, these aligners can end up being less noticeable than Invisalign. 

Alternative Brands

Other companies such as AlignerCo offer at home aligners for great prices and fantastic treatment times. Consumers should also consider SmileDirectClub and Candid for at home aligners or ClearCorrect for in office treatment.  

Final Thoughts

Both Invisalign and Byte are quality orthodontic products with great customer reviews. In its customer reviews, users of Byte have touted the product as affordable and effective, and Byte as a company is commended on their customer service. Furthermore, consumers using Byte products have been able to obtain financial assistance or insurance cover, making an already affordable product even more accessible to all consumers. 

One Byte patient described their experience of the treatment as follows:

“I love Byte. I struggled for years with being self conscious about my smile. Byte is affordable, has excellent customer service, and listens to all of my requests. My teeth were transformed in just four months and at the end of my treatment, I had a few minor issues I still wanted to address. Byte had me take new molds and designed another round of treatment for me. The best part? That was all covered under the smile guarantee and I didn’t pay anything extra! I recommend Byte to anyone looking to improve their smile!”

Which treatment is right for you will ultimately depend on the nature of your dental condition. For minor conditions, due to its convenience, affordability and effectiveness, Byte may be the best choice for consumers. 

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