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Liberal Logic

Today was a landmark day in the state of Texas.

Not only did the state pass Constitutional Carry and protected election voting integrity, it passed a bill to protect life.

The “fetal heartbeat bill” went into effect on Wednesday after the Supreme Court decided not to take up an appeal of the bill. The bill states that you cannot perform an abortion after the baby’s heart starts beating. Sounds fair enough. We say life ends when your heart stops beating. In a sane world, this would be cheered as a victory for humankind and the sanctity of life.

We don’t live in a sane world.

liberals lost their minds over Women’s reproductive health being under assault. The funny thing is the left must not understand what reproduction means. Let me help them.

Reproduction is the production of offspring by a sexual process. You know intercourse, the horizontal mambo, bumping uglies. That may be a step too far but I’m trying to dumb it down for the nonthinking left.

The reproduction has already been accomplished. 

Abortion is the killing of your offspring. The left will go crazy if you destroy a bald eagle’s egg or that of a turtle but how dare you not let them kill their own children. 

The cries of “my body my choice” or this is my personal “health” decision fill the air today. This coming from the very same people who tell you that you need to put the vaccine in your body so that they are protected. What happened to “my body my choice?”

Here’s a choice. 


It works every single time. Society now treats sex like everything else, personal satisfaction and instant pleasure. What happened to intercourse being intimate between you and your partner with the direct result being that you produce offspring or for those of you in Flint, starting a family. 

There are many forms of birth control on the market. Has society become so lazy that it’s an inconvenience to use it? I can hear the cries now. Matt Locke, it’s so hard and expensive to find or buy these things. Better yet the left thinks their followers are too dumb to even get an ID but I digress.

liberal leaders voiced their displeasure on Twitter today. Here are a couple of their posts. 

I want to address all of these posts. 

What does the time of day have to do with what the law protects. Under the cover of night. What difference does it make as Hillary would say. 

My next question is for Ms. Bush. Did you fail Biology 101? Since when can two of the same sex reproduce? How would abortion affect a “queer” couple.

Finally, can Nancy please explain to me how killing your child is a constitutional right, but not wanting to take a vaccine not be?

I want to end this article with one final thought. The left always tells us Constitution-loving, critical-thinking Patriotic Americans that if we don’t like the censorship of the Big Tech platforms we should just go to one that caters to our views.

liberals, If you don’t like a Constitution-loving state like Texas that protects life in the womb, you’re free to leave. You can move to states like California and New York that will cater to your every liberal whim.

Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

Content syndicated from TheLibertyLoft.com with permission.

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