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Knuckleheads Of The Week: Anti-Censorship ACLU Censors The Late RBG

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[The irony is profound. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was founded “to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States,” particularly the First Amendment right to free speech. In the past the ACLU had infuriated us by working to remove religious statues and defending the rights of Neo-Nazis to demonstrate, but at least they were somewhat consistent in applying their standards. But no more. Like so many of the once-respectable institutions on the left, the ACLU has ditched their principles in favor of wokeism. The late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a staunch feminist and leftist, is just the latest casualty of their enlightenment.]


Winner: The ACLU, which claims to fight for the First Amendment, censors Ruth Bader Ginsburg

The ACLU thought they were doing a good thing, apparently. In commemorating the first anniversary of Ginsburg’s death, they issued a statement via Twitter and included the following so-called quote, “The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a [person’s] life, to [their] well-being and dignity.”  Note the brackets enclosing the words “person’s” and “their.” Why the brackets? Because that’s not what RBG actually said. The ACLU is, in fact, misquoting the late Justice. In reality she had used, logically enough, the words “woman’s” and “her” with the quote in question. Ginsburg was, after all, speaking about pregnancy and the option of aborting one.

But in the bizarre realm of 2021 leftism, suggesting that only women can be pregnant is heresy. “How dare someone, even a leftwing icon such as RBG, imply that men can’t have abortions. That’s transphobic.” So the ACLU, the group that once came to the defense of Rush Limbaugh when they determined that Rush’s right to free speech was under attack, is now infringing on the freedom of speech of a woman who was the personification of feminism and liberalism. A woman who, incidentally, isn’t here to defend her actual quote because she’s dead.

It seems the left’s inane wokeness is taken to new levels almost every day:

  • White people are privileged and evil and it’s fine to point that out, but if you have anything remotely negative to say about someone who isn’t white, you’re a racist.
  • Police kill a dozen or so unarmed black folks each year while thousands are murdered on the streets of Democrat-run cities, so let’s defund the police.
  • Gender is critical and we demand rights for victimized women, even though genders don’t really exist.
  • We play identity politics, even though there’s no such thing as identity, unless we decide there is.

To the Democrats, and their leftwing media, and the pathetic leftist institutions that once stood for something, we say no. We say, “Hell no!” You’re nuts, you don’t make any sense, and we’re not playing along. You… members of the ACLU… are knuckleheads.

Only women can have abortions because only women can be pregnant, and that’s not hateful, that’s science. We have women and girls, and we have men and boys. And we also have rare instances of members of those groups who suffer from a mental condition known as Gender Dysphoria. Playing along with their disorder is not compassionate but helping them regain their mental health is. So, knock it off, snap out of it, and stop trying to outdo each other by seeing who can say something more idiotic than the next guy.

Ultimately, this knuckleheadedness surrounding the transgender nonsense is going to be the downfall of wokeness. It’s unsustainable. You can’t tell us how victimized women are out of one side of your mouth and then tell us there’s no such thing as women out of the other. Eventually, rational and logical people are going to pump the brakes and call out the insanity, at which point much of the foundation of wokeness will come tumbling down.

Honorable Mention #1: Atlantic writer David Frum says pro-Trump areas have “a lot of obesity and drug abuse”

David Frum, who writes for that standard bearer of journalistic integrity and neutrality The Atlantic, stated this week, “The Republican Party is an elderly party, it’s a party of people with chronic health problems. If you found a county where there is a lot of obesity and drug abuse, that’s where you had a lot of Trump votes.” Now, wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute there, Mr. Frum. I’m no spring chicken, but I’m still years away from being eligible for Social Security. I have aches and pains, just like others my age, but nothing serious or “chronic.” And I’ll admit that I should probably lose a few pounds, but I haven’t smoked a joint in twenty years… I think. Who you callin’ a fat, drug addict, you tree-hugging snowflake?

This is the mindset on the left, and this is why they can be easily defeated. We on the right understand the left, but those on the left have no idea who we are on the right. Trump, or DeSantis, or Abbot, or Haley, or whoever wins the GOP’s nomination in 2024… All you have to do is stick to conservative principles, and simply point out the idiocy of these whack-jobs. Do that, and nothing else, and you’ll win in a landslide.

Honorable Mention #2: San Francisco Mayor London Breed: I can go maskless because “I was feeling the spirit”

The city of San Francisco has a health order requiring attendees at live, indoor performances to wear a mask, and that’s exactly where Mayor Breed was last Thursday. She was at a concert, but she wasn’t wearing a mask. When confronted with her clear double standard on Monday, Breed explained, “We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. I was feeling the spirit and I wasn’t thinking about a mask.” Again, and I can’t stress this point enough, that health order was in place in her city. She’s the mayor. It’s her health order. So, which is it, mayor? We don’t need the fun police and it’s OK to go maskless if we “feel the spirit?” Or is it that we must wear a mask if we’re at live, indoor performance? The answer from the Mayor, if she were honest, would be, “Well PF, that depends on whether or not you’re as special as me.”

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at TheBlueStateConservative.com.  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker.

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