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Here’s why California may never escape radical left-wing destruction

The mainstream media are having a field day talking about and promoting the recall defeat. California Gov. Gavin Newsom, an extremely left-wing radical governor, defeated a recall effort and a host of challengers.

The Associated Press headline is “California GOP licks wounds after another lopsided loss.” The article shares how Republicans have not won a statewide race in over 15 years. It’s really not surprising when you consider the changes in California over the last few decades.

Republicans used to have a chance in the state. The first Bush won the state, so did Reagan and many other Republicans before them. For many years, Republicans had a chance to win the now bluest of blue states.

What changed? The demographics of the state. The population of the state grew massively and the electorate massively changed. Of those that are of voting age, the majority fall into the age categories that are reliably Democratic voters.

What spurred that growth? One could argue it was Republican policies. The state experienced sharp spikes in growth during times of Republican leadership of the nation. The diversity of the state grew as well. But something has changed recently.

As other states are experiencing population expansion, California is not. The state is seeing a decline in population with hundreds of thousands choosing to flee the state. The cause? The policies of the Democrats.

Conservatives, or perhaps I should say those with common sense, are seeking a glimmer of hope. Hope that their state can be recovered from the grasps of the radical left and their socialist policies.

One thing that this special election taught us is that may not be possible.

Yes, California may never learn its lesson. The state has become so entrenched with radical ideology that it’s almost impossible for a conservative, even a moderate Republican, to survive in the state. That’s something many have already come to grips with.

Conservative personalities, news outlets, and businesses are all trying to escape the ridiculous policies of the state. The Daily Wire, Tesla, and others have all fled the state. But lets look at this from a different perspective.

Of those that are moving into the state, they are highly educated with higher salaries. Those fleeing the state on average have below a Bachelor’s degree and lower salaries. In other words, you have an influx of radicalized college graduates and Hollywood stars that are driving the agenda of the state. Big tech and social media giants control much of the business landscape, refusing to hire and allow conservative viewpoints and opinions.

Those who are working-class people, working blue-collar jobs, they are fleeing the state and the ridiculous policies. Why though? If socialist policies and radical-left policies are for all Americans, why are they leaving?

Even if they do not want to admit it, it’s because those radical policies are failing Californians and their families. They are unable to survive the high taxes and costs of being in a radical state.

Other conservative commentators have already said that it is time for Conservatives to leave the state. I am not sure I can promote a different argument. The future does not look good for the state given the trends.

As the old adage goes, birds of a feather flock together. In California, those who wish to destroy freedom and the American dream have flocked together. They have taxed the working class out of the state. They have promoted criminal activity, allowing domestic terrorist groups to destroy their cities and randomly take their streets, and citizens, hostage.

Even if the GOP had successfully won the special election, things would have not changed. The state is still controlled by Democrats with a majority of left-wing voters in the state. It would merely be a blip in the history of the state in its downward spiral.

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