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Blinken Admission Shows Complete Lack of Morality

Antony Blinken, the secretary of state under President Joe Biden, admitted to the complete callous nature of the Biden administration and its disregard for human life.

In a Sept. 14 Senate hearing, Blinken testified on the Afghanistan pullout and faced some bipartisan heat.

However, one exchange with Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) stood out.

Paul pointed out several issues, such as the $80 billion worth of weapons left to the Taliban or the Biden administrations plan to give $64 million in “aid” to Afghanistan. That follows the long history of foreign aid being nothing more than bribery and social engineering.

However, the key exchange concerned a drone strike following the attack that killed 13 member of the U.S. armed services. Following the lead of his former boss Barack Obama, Biden is waging his own indiscriminate drone war.

You may recall that Biden called it “cavalier” to support freedom of choice in medication as he cavalierly demanded millions of American to submit to the jab whether they like it or not. But, yet again, it’s Biden who is cavalier and has no concern over the loss of innocent life as seen in his Sunday, Aug. 29 drone strike.

Becker News reported that, according to a Pentagon source and confirmed by intelligence reports, the Aug. 29 drone strike that the Biden administration claimed killed two “high profile” ISIS-K members actually killed 10 innocent people, including seven children and U.S. aid worker Zemari Ahmadi. Biden’s decision to go through with the drone strike was based on information given by the Taliban.

That leads us to the key exchange which shows the complete lack of accountability and moral depravity and lack of care for innocent life lost:

Paul: “The guy the Biden administration droned, was he an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?”

Blinken: “The administration is, of course, reviewing that strike. And I’m sure that a full assessment will be forthcoming.”

Paul: “So you don’t know if it was an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?”

Blinken: “I can’t speak to that, and I can’t speak to that in this setting in any event.”

Paul: “So, you don’t know or won’t tell us?”

Blinken: “I don’t know because we’re reviewing it.”

PAUL: “Well, see, you think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a predator drone whether he’s an aid worker or he’s an ISIS-K. See, the thing is, this isn’t just you. It’s been going on for administration after administration. The Obama administration droned hundreds and hundreds of people. And the thing is, there is blowback to that. I mean, I don’t know if it’s true, but I see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack. If that’s true, and not propaganda, if that’s true, guess what? Maybe you’ve created hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people. So, you got to know, we can’t sort of have an investigation after we kill people. We have an investigation before we kill people. We got plenty of bombs. We can bomb almost anything we want from anywhere in the world. Maybe we should have bombed the helicopters and the planes we left behind. Even though you said you didn’t know any of this and it was all a surprise, once they took all of our stuff, we should have said ‘you’ve got 20 minutes to get out of it because we’re going to blow it all up.’ Then you would have sent a message of strength. Instead, we bombed somebody who we’re not sure if it’s an aid worker or an ISIS-k operative.”

Paul continued: “That’s not sending a signal of strength. And in the end, there will be more blowback from it. If you killed an aid worker on accident, I mean, do you think we’re better off because of that?… The basic fundamental decision that really ruined the whole thing for you was a military decision to abandon Bagram Air Force base before you left, before the Americans were out. Anybody can argue, and you may have a point that it happened more quickly than we thought it was going to happen, OK, that’s an honest mistake. Still a huge mistake. And when people make judgment mistakes in the military, they ought to be relieved of their post. But leaving Bagram Air Force Base I think is an unforgivable sort of mistake. It’s going to be remembered in history. But if you do nothing about it, you leave all these people in place and say, ‘Oh, well, we all agreed’ it’s like then maybe everybody needs to go…. Releasing money to the Taliban will add insult to injury. It’ll be terrible for the memory of the 13 soldiers who died in the end, who were the final soldiers to die in this war if you end up giving money to the people that have been ruining the Middle East and Afghanistan for decades. I hope you won’t release the money, and I think it’ll be a big mistake.”

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