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Where to Find Fast Money in a Pinch

You’ve probably seen the TV ads for loan companies that promise fast cash for emergencies. Unfortunately, most of them want your car title, offer a paltry amount of money in return, and charge excessive interest rates. There’s got to be a better way, right? Fortunately, there are several techniques that are smarter, safer, and more effective than turning your vehicle title over to a questionable loan company. In fact, if you do own a vehicle and have access to mass transit, selling it for cash is probably the most reliable way of raising emergency money. There are other techniques that are less painful. Here’s a summary of several, along with a suggested method for getting the most out of an unneeded car.


As noted above, cars and trucks are the most common assets from which working people can get quick money to deal with an emergency. The strategy works especially well if you own two cars. That way, you can keep one for basic transportation needs. To get the highest price from a used car that’s in decent shape, place an online, local ad and attempt to sell to an individual or a vehicle broker. Never take a used truck or car directly to a dealership and attempt to sell it. They might buy it, but the price will be the lowest of any other offer.

Life Insurance Policies

If you own a life insurance policy, chances are good that you can sell to a qualified buyer and bank a decent amount of money in the process. The first step is to review an informative, online guide about how life settlements work. That way, you’ll have all the basic facts and can move ahead with a sale. People sell policies for all sorts of reasons, including financial emergencies, to start a small business, to pay off high-interest credit cards, to take an exotic vacation, and more. You’ll typically receive an amount greater than the cash-surrender value but less than the death benefit when you sell a policy.

Home Equity Loans

If you have equity built up in your house, it’s simple enough to pull some or all of it out for whatever reason. Be sure to speak with a licensed financial professional before moving forward with the transaction because there are many variables involved.

Part-Time Jobs

It’s not the fastest way to create dollars, but a part-time job is the solution for many folks who are facing financial emergencies and challenges. Whether it’s a new baby, an unexpected medical bill, or a collection letter from the IRS, taking on a 10 or 20 hours-per-week job can smooth out the situation in short order. Expect to wait up to four weeks for your first paycheck, or less in some cases. Many firms are now hiring virtual marketing assistants to work on a contract basis in a remote capacity. This can be a good way to earn top dollar from your side job with a pre-determined timeline attached.

Personal Asset Sales

Avoid pawn shops, even if you have personal assets that are valuable. If you’re willing to part with some of the things you own, sell them directly, choosing local sales for large items and online, ship-to arrangements for small things that won’t cost too much to mail. There’s high demand for audio and video equipment, infant clothing, computer peripherals, and sporting equipment.

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