Subordinating the minds of those dumbed down by public education

Salon magazine ran an article claiming that there is no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism, and the right pushes fear of left-wing policies to advance their own agenda. In fact, the author, Cody Cain, goes on to say that Republicans are responsible for pushing the biggest lies to win elections because ninety-nine percent of the population oppose Republican governorship.

This article is so filled with lies and deliberate misperceptions it is hard to know where to start. To claim however, that the right must lie to win elections, or that right wing-policies lead to the most oppressive dictatorships is to ignore the most fundamental truths of leftism. They are godless and without a soul, and as evident by this Salon article, willing to do anything to sway opinion to their side.

The biggest point Cain makes is the typical argument made by the communist left that capitalism is the world’s greatest oppressor, and a great man named Karl Marx came about with an idea of how to eliminate it from the Earth. Not only did Marx seek to destroy Capitalism, he also sought to dethrone God in the minds of men. The conservative right cherishes the freedom of religion and does not come up with deceptive ways to deprive people of their right to be non-believers. In fact, in America we respect the freedom of religion almost to our own detriment.

The Christian religion, to the communist, represents a system specifically designed to uphold the value system of the so-called bourgeoisie against the proletariat. The very intent of the advent of communism was to set up a dictatorship of the proletariat to strip the wealth from the haves and give it to the have nots. To argue that there is no such thing as left-wing authoritarianism is about as delusional as it gets.

In Karl Marx’s own words, the very aim of the proletarian dictatorship is the overthrow of the bourgeoisie system and the political accumulation of political power through conquest. To the right, the idea of private property and personal wealth through hard work and dedication is the underlying value in a free society ̶ ̶ to reap the rewards of your own labor. Karl Marx believed that the productive should be stripped of their property and forced to produce under the terms of the state, for the good of the state. “From each according to their ability to each according to their needs.”

To the Communist, the gaining of private property does not signify personal freedom, but the launching pad of exploitation. The growth of personal wealth leads one to exploit others to expand that wealth. Therefore, a dictatorship must exist to keep that from happening ̶ ̶̶ ̶ to make sure wealth is distributed fairly. Did that work out?

Cain points to Stalin as the rights biggest example of left-wing dictatorships. Everyone knows the extent of Stalin’s damage; millions starved to death and brutally murdered for not going along with Stalin’s Communist Utopia. Cain makes the startling claim, one that proves how far the left will go to persuade their readers, that Stalin’s iron-fisted rule represented a right-wing dictatorship. This is despite Stalin himself praising socialism and pushing for a world communist revolution. Cain states that Stalin deliberately mislabeled his movement as to bring discredit to communism.

That is within the possible strategies a communist may use. After all, they infiltrate the Republican party all the time, then vote with the Communist left. To the Communists there is only one morality and that is anything that pushes their agenda forward. To understand this one must study far beyond the convoluted ramblings of someone who thinks communism represents a world of total equality because they hate capitalism. Stalin murdered the millions he did because they opposed communism and anything which goes against the leftist agenda, in their minds, is immoral and unjust.

Cain clearly fails to understand the nature of the political scale. The further right you go, the less authority there is. Pure anarchism, for example, would represent real right-wing extremism because there is no government control at that end of the spectrum. Conversely, the extreme left end of the scale represents full government control. If you are an individual trapped in left-wing thinking, Nazism may represent the right-wing because it is to the right of communism, but far left of center.

Our constitutional form of government would fall slightly right of center on this scale, to put things into perspective. This cannot be understood in terms of Republicans of Democrats. The Republican party has taken a hard turn left in recent years. If they believe in expanding government power, they are a leftist, no matter what letter is next to their name.

All it takes is a thorough study of Karl Marx and other writings which describe exactly what their intent was, and the result. Cain is targeting a generation of Americans who couldn’t read the Communist Manifesto if they had to because they have been dumbed down in a public education system designed to get them to accept communism, while denouncing the old, outdated culture of their parents.

They have been trained to view America as a system of greed and exploitation by people who view the subordination of the mind as a legitimate political strategy in their aims of global conquest. This is exactly what this article does. It twists historical truths and perverts reality to the point where the uneducated just accept it as truth, because they cannot research for themselves. It certainly isn’t the conservative right training children to hate their culture for the purpose of social change. Nor is it the conservative right forcing society to accept an experimental vaccine as a term for societal participation. That is purely the left.

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