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Biden Does Not Own Afghanistan, but the Botched Exit Plan is All His

Afghanistan is firstly a George Bush problem. After spanking the Taliban for their role in protecting Bin Ladin, the U.S. left the country. But, Bush decided to go back in for some nation-building. That went as it always has and always will.

Obama didn’t really do anything to win the conflict or lose it. He just basically didn’t do anything with it at all.

Trump wanted out of Afghanistan badly. Military leaders told him that a pullout would end as this one did so he backed off his original May 2021 deadline and opted for a plan to place “maximum pressure on the Taliban” while the drawdown occurred.

Biden, just decided to exit – to heck with the pressure stuff.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Sunday that Team Biden failed to execute a plan left behind by the Trump administration to put maximum pressure on the Taliban as the withdrawal occurred.


He chose a politically expedient date without concern for strategy. By picking 9/11 as his reason and timing for the pullout, he announced to the Taliban that U.S. forces would be leaving the country in the middle of Afghanistan’s ‘fighting season’ which runs from April to October mainly due to the region’s weather.

Biden and his team of handlers were told by military leadership that the Taliban would do exactly what they have done.

“[U.S.] leaders were told by the military it would take no time at all for the Taliban to take everything,” an anonymous U.S. intelligence official told ABC News. “No one listened.”

At first, 3,500 troops were going to be sent back in to secure the evacuation of embassy personnel. Then it became 5,000, and this morning, another 1,000. Americans were told to shelter in place (a death sentence), Afghanis who assisted the United States were told to take a flying leap, and the 6,000 plus strong security force saw its focus narrowed to trying to perhaps hold a portion of Kabul’s airport.

None of this feels well-planned and the execution is even worse. How did the Biden team underestimate the situation so badly despite being warned by military leadership?

Well, it is Joe Biden we’re talking about.

The president left the White House Thursday to begin a vacation at Camp David all while his shoddy exit plan was executed.

He couldn’t even get the optics right.

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