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Are You Overbilled for Medical Treatment After a Car Accident?

After an injury accident, several things run through your head. You are worried about your physical well-being, and at the same time, you want the party accountable for the accident to take responsibility. It is easy to get lost in the middle, trying to process a thousand thoughts simultaneously.

Despite everything that’s going on, it is important to ensure that the hospital bills are fair and appropriate. In case of overcharging in-hospital treatment, you can legally claim a refund. 

The costs should be justified, and make sure the hospital specifies what you are paying. Ensure you are not victimized again after the accident through improper billings. Also, try to be aware of your type of injury’s medical practices so that you can get the medical attention you need.

What Are the Illegal Billings After an Accident?

The hospital might charge you irrelevant administrative fees. You can be charged for a service that you never received or be given a treatment you don’t need. That is why it is important to be aware of the procedures you are supposed to undergo to be engaged in how fees came to be.

How to Avoid Being Overbilled After a Car Accident

1. Review Your Benefit Statement

Follow the explanation of the health insurance carrier’s benefit statement to know how much of the bill the insurer has paid and if you owe the hospital any balance. Check the document for double billing or anything that doesn’t seem clear to you. If there are questions, be straightforward to get clarification.

2. Talk to an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Whether it is a Billings car accident Lawyer or an attorney from Washington, don’t just be blown away by their profile, ensure they can deliver the service you require. A good personal injury lawyer will help you identify how to afford the medical bills.

Talking to a personal injury lawyer is the best way to have expertise when dealing with insurance coverage and medical bills. If you are struggling to understand what you are paying for, you can consult an experienced lawyer to educate you about your medical bill’s decision.

3. Get Expert Help

In an instance where something is not clear to your attorney, do not hesitate to consult a medical bill auditor to review the bills and explain charges to identify any possible errors or other issues.

You will not be confused about whatever service you are financing by getting assistance from a specialist. In case of a dispute, they will help you write a claim.

4. Ask for Clarification

If something about the bill doesn’t sit well with you, talk it out. Inquire to know if there is an error or a misunderstanding. Often, hospitals do an internal audit to ensure you’ve been charged correctly.

Accident and injury lawyers can help you understand how to protect your rights in this situation.

5. Learn About Hospital Liens

Hospital liens can interfere with your right to resolve an injury claim. It is quite common for hospitals to recover inflated bills that are much higher than reasonable through the liens.

Hospital liens are only legal when properly used. With the guide of an attorney, use hospital liens only when you need an emergency, but you are uninsured.

Intentionally Billing Unnecessary Services Not Covered Is Unfair

The hospital is aware of what your insurance covers. Some hospitals might intentionally provide unnecessary services that might not be covered and demand that you pay from your pocket; this is a bad billing practice.

 Avoid hospitals that do not clarify where their bills are.

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