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Always Be Prepared With These Items

Before last year came around, many of us would have likely never even considered having an emergency kit of essential items.

When the world started shutting down, it was hard for us not to go to the worst-case scenario. Was the world going to end? Was there going to be a zombie apocalypse? Were we going to run out of food and water? Would you lose your job?

No matter where you live, how old you are or what your skillsets are, you should always be prepared for anything. Life is full of unknowns and the worst thing we could do is not be prepared.

We’re not saying you need to remain in your bunker at all times anxiously awaiting something bad to happen. But there are some simple peace of mind steps you can take to ensure you are prepared for a range of events that could happen. Pre-planning what you would do in certain scenarios, where you will store your emergency kits and how you can seek safety can make a huge difference when it becomes go-time during an unexpected scenario.

While those who prepare may have once been perceived as crazy, they are now the example for all of us to follow. But how exactly do you prepare for the unknown? There are so many different scenarios that could happen. You could face a natural disaster like an earthquake or hurricane. You could face another pandemic that shuts the world down. You could be stuck in a war zone. You could get lost on holiday.

Regardless of the scenarios, you may have to face one day, there is a range of essential items that you should always have with you. They will prove to help you stay calm, stay safe and stay alive.

To help you get your preparations underway, we have rounded up the essential items that you should absolutely have on standby.

1. Outdoor Weatherproof Clothing

In the chance that you no longer have shelter and have to brave the elements, you should have some High Quality Rugged Work Clothes tucked away. From jackets, pants, fleeces and shorts, you will be grateful when you have these weatherproof clothes to protect you from the rain or other crazy weather patterns. Knowing that you have durable and long-lasting clothes available to you will give you peace of mind that you won’t end up a tattered mess and can have comfort during times of distress. Plus, these clothes don’t just have to be saved for emergencies. You can use them on your outdoor adventures, outdoor work or wear them just because they make you feel great.

2. Emergency Chocolate

In times of stress, we need chocolate. So why not be prepared for anything with the most delicious chocolate available? MiiRO has created plant-based chocolate that will get you through the hard times in the healthiest of ways. Whether you are stuck out in the woods or waiting to get through a power outage, having chocolate indulgence to comfort you is the way to go. The hardest part about including emergency chocolate in your preparedness kit is resisting the temptation to eat it during non-emergency times! So when you go ahead and stock up on your chocolates, you might as well double up the order and leave some in the kitchen to enjoy at the moment too. There would be nothing worse than enduring an emergency and realizing all your chocolate is already gone.

3. Hygiene Products

Have your reliable self-care and hygiene products stocked up so that you can be prepared at all times. During times of stress, your skin may end up breaking out. Products like Rael can help get rid of your breakouts and keep your skin looking fresh even during times of stress. You will also want to stock up on other products that you will need just in case your local CVS or grocery store are no longer open during an emergency. Who can forget the toilet paper shortage of 2020? So not only should you have an extra stock of toilet paper, but also have your feminine hygiene products as well so that you don’t have to suffer through the tough times.

4. Meal Kits

If we learned anything from last year, it is that going to a grocery store during times of panic may be the most miserable experience of all. So be prepared and ensure you can get all the meals you need without ever having to leave the house. Signing up for a plant-based food delivery service will allow you to get nutritionally designed meals that are ready to eat and delivered directly to your door. Plus, you can customize your menu so that your food is prepped exactly how you like it. This way you will never go hungry during the next lockdown and can enjoy comfort foods without the guilt of indulgence or the hassle of having to actually cook.

5. An Emergency First Aid Kit

If you have just one item set aside to be prepared, it should be a first aid kit. The best first aid kits have everything you’d need to manage small, medium and even large physical injuries. From band-aids to tourniquets, you can pick pre-packed first aid kits designed for any situation. Get special ones for your home, the boat, an outdoor adventure, construction sites and more. You can take comfort in knowing that these kits have been picked and packed by medical professionals who know what you’ll need in various emergencies.

6. Extra Water Bottles

If a natural disaster happens, you risk losing access to quality drinking water. We can only last a few days without drinking water, so it is important to stock up on some extra cases of water so you don’t go thirsty. In general, we suggest having at least a few 24 packs of water so that you can easily grab and go with a few bottles too if needed. The great thing with water bottles is they don’t expire anytime soon, so you can store these away for years to come.

7. An Extra Light Source

Whether it is a flashlight or a backup generator, you will want to have a way to get some light if you experience a time where it all goes dark. You risk injury when trying to find your way around in the dark and having a little bit of light can also really help calm down anyone who is feeling panicked. You can also get LED-powered lights that you can enjoy in non-emergency times too that act as a little bit of décor for your home.

8. A Radio

Have a way to get the most up-to-date information if the internet goes out during an emergency. A classic radio will allow you to get access to the public news stations and receive any important updates of what is happening or what you need to do. You can even get a crank radio so you can rest assured it will work even if the power goes out.

It is always a great idea to be prepared. These eight items are a great start to ensure that you are ready for a range of unpredictable events that can happen at any time.

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