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Zain Hollywood The 8yr Old Trained by Former Dallas Cowboys

“Currently he is the number one quarterback in the class of 2030,” quarterback coach Baylin Trujillo said about young Zain Muhammad. Having turned eight, the young football prodigy already has his own custom shoes, logo and a nickname fit for success: “Hollywood.”

As a 22-time flag football champion, including three world championships in different divisions, Hollywood’s athletic abilities caught his father, Wali Muhammad, by surprise early on. “When he was six months old, he threw his bottle across the room,” Wali proudly explained and continued. “It had somewhat of a spiral and I kind of got a twinkle in my eye. You know what, that’s my guy.” 

Living in Austin, the father and son duo travels the country for flag football tournaments and quarterback camps and the 8yr old already has an impressive set of achievements under his belt. Zain Hollywood was the first 8yr old to be featured on Sunday Night Football on NBC. He featured on Sports Center, ESPN as well as Florida ABC News and several other news outlets who dubbed young Hollywood as the top quarterback prospect for the class of 2030. Trained by CFL players Chandler Worthy and Dakota Prukop, young Zain Hollywood is displaying unrivaled dedication to the game. 

Early Career Development and Overt Potential

Born on the 7th of July, 2012, Zain Muhammad aka Zain Hollywood started practicing American Football from the age five years old, special attention has been paid to develop Zain’s overall knowledge and his competitive mindset. His love for the sport motivates him to train nearly every day and he routinely encourages social media followers to “stay healthy, exercise and believe you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.” 

This prominent American Football prodigy is well-known for being personally trained by former Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Quincy Carter. With his sights firmly set on college football and the NFL, every football game is dedicated to the changes young Hollywood wants to see happen by the time he’s playing in college football. Enjoying a special relationship with his father the inseparable pair traveled all over the US to ensure Hollywood attended sufficient quarterback camps and world-class competitions. Liaising with industry-leading figures and former NFL superstars, young Hollywood is gaining crucial in-game knowledge and experience. 

‘’We never take days off…….we’re not [at] Disney, or anywhere else we’re here training’’.- Wali Muhammad, father of Zain Hollywood, notes. Apart from his son’s immense love of football, the youngster, through the GoinHollywood Scholarship Program, wants to train younger and less privileged kids as well as kids with special needs. Hollywood’s charity work involves feeding the homeless around town and helps to keep the young star grounded. 

Regularly donating to charity with his father, the pair have spent countless hours giving back to the community. Underprivileged individuals who cannot afford to join an American Football Club often enjoy exclusive one-on-one coaching free of charge and is one of the many ways in which young Hollywood gives back. 

Hollywood’s Game: Modelled after the Greats

Keeping a close eye on the current American football quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens, Lamar Jackson, young Zain models his game after Jackson’s gameplay. So effective is this strategy that young Hollywood was dubbed “Lamar Jackson 2.0” during his brief appearance on Sunday Night Football on NBC. Nickname is more than just an affectionate moniker as it hints to both players’ style of innovative play in the sphere of American Football. 

The up-and-coming star keeps a close eye on a variety of other sporting greats. According to Wali, young Hollywood “models his game after the league’s greats. With names like Kyler Murray, Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady on young Hollywood’s radar, his father deftly summarized his son’s athletic talent as follows: 

“The top half of Patrick and the bottom half of Lamar,” he continued. “He’s lethal on his legs too, and can throw the ball on the run, finding targets and keeping his eyes downfield.”

Final Take

With extensive support from the footballing community, young Hollywood is on the fast track to becoming the next great quarterback in football history. Having garnered the attention of several high-focus news outlets, a plethora of supporters and sponsors, young Hollywood’s career would definitely be one to keep an eye on. 

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