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The importance of applying HRM in the Middle East

The Middle East is a cultural region with vague boundaries but is generally associated with strong Arab and Islamic cultures. Therefore this region can be said to stretch from Morocco to Iraq. To be honest, the Middle East is much wider than just the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Although identical to Islam, this area also gave birth to other religions; the two most famous are Jews and Christians. With a population of no less than 380 million and 65% of the world’s oil reserves (known), of course this region is one of the world’s economic barometers.

The Middle East region, represented by Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE has experienced rapid economic growth in recent decades, making it even more significant . To understand the Middle East as an influential region in the world, from a political, security and economic perspective. There are at least three components of the institutional context which include regulatory, cognitive, and normative. All of them affect how human resource management is carried out. To note, human resources play the most important role in the development of a region, both in terms of politics and economics. Human resource management will ultimately lead to how human resource management is implemented.

Human resource management has become increasingly complex in today’s society, the Middle East is no exception. It is not only produced by the increase in many workforces, but also because today useful practices have been developed for the proper functioning of the company that were not previously practiced, or at least not in a systematic and conscious way. To help the complex management of people, trying to improve from their motivation to their level of productivity and adequate space, the common thing now is to resort to management programs in the cloud that help to this end.

The complex situation of the Middle East requires human resource management that may be more intense than in other regions of the world. Great software is needed that can help every policy holder to manage human resources under his control. HRM software in UAE as an example. It plays a major role in controlling the human resources involved behind the rapid growth of UAE companies in particular, and the economic growth of the Middle East region in general.

In the network there are various open source software that allow improving human resources. They are used to carry out tasks that were previously done through in-house programs or manually. Not only large organizations, with a large staff, need to use management programs to perform different tasks of organization, accounting and other areas. Increasingly, small and medium-sized companies see that need. Let’s look at some of the tasks in which management software can help companies.

Advantages of using human resource management programs in the Middle East

Human resource management tasks are not easy. Small details can go unnoticed and often cause a disconnection between the employer and his staff, so that he does not know for sure if the resources available are the most adequate, are well or poorly structured, the processes of work are suitable or optimally organized something now as close as summer vacation and how that influences productivity.

To help better understand these tasks, simple software will allow us to improve some tasks such as:

– Easily keep track of worker information.

– Make employee management easier.

– Analyze the information about the training of your employees and create training programs for workers that adjust to the strategy of the company, its schedules, etc.

– Know in depth the statistics of the company’s employees.

– Reduce the procedures for managing human resources.

– Save time and money in resource management.

– Manage and structure employee vacations.

– Create reward systems for the most productive employees.

Thanks to the programs in the cloud, the Department or head of human resources will be able to work online with personnel from other areas of the company with whom they will share information instantly and easily.

Is your company operating on the Middle East? Are you using any software for the management of the human resources of your company? Just tell us!

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