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The Best 5 Places In Ukraine to Spend a Romantic Date in

Spring and romance are inseparable concepts. Taking this opportunity, we have compiled a selection of the most romantic places in Ukraine, where we certainly advise you to visit. In case, you are seeking a partner to explore Ukrainian beauty together, will definitely help you.

Chernivtsi Botanical Garden

Chernivtsi Botanical Garden is one of the oldest in Ukraine. It is located side by side with the local Hogwarts – Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University. The university is beautiful to say nothing, just come, see it with your own eyes, and realize the reason for it to be a UNESCO World Heritage.

But, back to the botanical garden, it amazes tourists with its elegance to match the university. The plants in the botanical garden are divided into zones according to the country of origin. Many of the trees here are over a hundred years old. For example, two 30-meter tulip trees have already celebrated their 150th anniversary. This is an excellent place for a stroll and, of course, great photos.

Valley of daffodils, Khust

Do you want an idea for a fabulous and maximally romantic trip at the end of April-May? Go to the town of Khust in Transcarpathia, or instead to the Kireshi tract. A real miracle occurs here – thousands of white daffodils bloom in the local fields during this period.

Miracles also lie in the fact that these flowers usually grow in the highlands, but during the Ice Age, part of the rock slid into the valley, mountain streams fed the soil, and thus an ideal place for the kingdom of snow-white daffodils was formed in the valley.

Opening hours: during flowering from 8:00 to 21:00

Tunnel of Love, Klevan

You’ve probably heard about this place because it is Google’s Tunnel of Love that strongly recommends “romantic places in Ukraine” on request, and the Daily Mail even included it in the TOP-10 of the most romantic little-known places on the planet.

In essence, it is a tunnel of trees and bushes intertwined with branches, which is formed thanks to a train passing along this path to a local factory. Legend has it that a couple in love can make a wish here, and if their love is real, it will surely come true.

Mariinsky Parks and Vladimirskaya Gorka, Kyiv

Kyivans and guests of the capital, a romantic route in the very center of Kyiv, is at your service. We recommend starting from the Arch of Friendship of Peoples, or, if you are in a good mood for a walk, you can begin from Arsenalnaya. In the second case, the path will start from Mariinsky Park. Passing through the bridge of all lovers, pay attention to the statue dedicated to the love story of Luigi and Mokrina, which reminds of the eternal (be sure to read about their history!). We go further, and now the path takes us to Vladimirskaya Gorka, straight to one of the most comfortable and romantic routes in Kyiv. On the right side, there will be magnificent views of Kyiv, old Kokorev pavilions, and right along the course – the Alley of Artists.

Lovers Island, Ternopil

A small but significant place for all Ternopil residents – the Island of Lovers. It is not that easy to watch the city dweller who would not drop in here during a walk with his couple. The islet deserves attention: it is green here, there are a gazebo and many benches where you can sit comfortably, hug and watch the meditative splash of the water of the local Seret River. The Island of Lovers is the best place in the city to meet the sunset, so come here in the late afternoon. Level 80 romance guaranteed!

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