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R&B Artist Adrian Milanio launches an online mixing service

The mixing process is one of the most vital areas for musical artists presenting their music online today. Online mixing allows artists to present a fresh-sounding, crystal-clear, and professional record – as if it has just come straight out of the studio.

Adriano Milano is a young and talented R&B artist who has sharpened his skills in all areas of music since high school. With over 10 million streams on Spotify and TikTok, listeners have discerned talent, passion, and determination in this Tacoma-based singer, songwriter, and producer.

Being young in the US today

“The songs I write and sing reflect tons of experiences I had growing up and continue to have,” Adrian Milanio says. “It’s not always possible for young people today to make sense of the things happening around them. In the U.S., like everywhere, young people go through many emotions daily. These primarily reflect their relationships, and often, heartbreak. But frequently, these emotions are related to the society we live in, our families, our ability to find work, and even the divisiveness felt more and more in our society today. With me, being diagnosed with Type-A diabetes also played a huge role in the way I started to see things and how I express them.”

Adriano Milanio has so many observational powers for someone his age. These, combined with his musical talent, make him a fresh artist with lots to contribute.

Inspiration abounds

Listening to Adriano Milanio’s single, “Where You Wanna Go,” one is transported by the beautiful vocals performed by Milanio and Olivia Escuyos. Throw into the mix the smooth verse by rapper RJ Suave, and the song is perfect for listening to on a laid-back drive or while taking in a night at the club.

The artist had a string of shows organized before the pandemic changed his plans, but he quickly adjusted his strategy and released his single. It wasn’t long after this release that Milanio was approached by frtyfve Records, a UK-based indie label. He has signed a record deal with them.

He has also grabbed the opportunity to collaborate with other artists like IamSu!, Marylou Villegas, and Ilah Dizon, and Nef the Pharaoh. Milanio is a proud representative of the Pacific Northwest music scene, especially Tacoma and the state of Washington.

Many people compare Adriano Milanio to artists like Khalid, Charlie Puth, and Ne-Yo. These comparisons please him since these are some of the famous artists who also inspire him. Ne-Yo plays a continuous mentoring role in the young musician’s life. “From the beginning,” Milanio says, “Ne-Yo encouraged me, and he continues to do so at every turn of this fantastic musical journey.”

Mixing is more than a business

Now, Milanio is in the process of launching his own mixing service. As a musician, he has been mixing music for himself for at least five years. His mixing has made people sit up and take notice since his mixes are heard by millions online on Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok.

Taking his love of mixing to the next level is something Adrian Milanio has been thinking of for quite a while. He has been doing it without much fanfare for the last few years for friends. “I want to provide these kinds of good sound mixes for other artists too,” Milanio says. “Home recordings need the right enhancement to give them the same sound as a studio recording. That’s the job for a professional mixer, who uses the best software, but also has an ear for what sounds better.”

Music has played an important part in his formative years and is set to continue to do so well into the future. From playing a ton of instruments, being a talented writer and performer, and his ability to discern how sounds need to be mixed to come across well, there is no limit to what we are about to still hear from Adriano Milanio.

“Being an entrepreneur will allow me to do many things, and that’s why I’ve decided to take my passion and turn it into a business. It will also mean that I can help uplift others with the same passion for music. I love the idea of being my own boss, while also impacting the world on my terms. The only way I can do this is through my music and mixing.”  

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