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Dr. Alex Winderman Shares Important Trends in Healthcare

Starting his medical studies in Odessa, Ukraine, Dr. Alex Winderman knew that he wanted to move to another country after completing his studies. His two main reasons leading to this decision were the appeal of living in a more open-minded society, and the idea of gaining a vast gamma of medical knowledge and skills.

The state of healthcare in a country is a good indicator of the quality of life it offers its citizens, according to Dr. Alex. Ongoing study and awareness of the latest trends in medicine are important for students and doctors. Since most papers are in English, Dr. Alex Winderman realized how much his fellow students in Ukraine were missing out, and he joined “Ingenious”. This is a project that ensures all the latest body of work in medical innovation is translated and made available to medical students and doctors in the Ukrainian language.

Besides joining the project as one of the editors on the Ingenious platform, Dr. Alex Winderman also undertook to head the Instagram page. Dr. Alex enjoys great Instagram success on his personal profile with 151K followers who share his love of fitness, travel, and the arts.

Luckily for Dr. Alex Winderman, it wasn’t too long before he was offered a chance to work in a country that leads in its innovative approach to medicine. The offer of an internship in Israel came at a health conference on infectious diseases in Spain and promptly led to Dr. Alex’s immigration to Israel. This led to the opportunity to work at the world-class Sheba Medical Center.

“Israel has an entrepreneurial culture that is also forward-thinking, and this shows in their highly successful public health system. These are some of the important trends in healthcare I have seen that are changing healthcare delivery.” – Dr. Alex Winderman.

Most Important Trends in Healthcare

Home care, virtual health, leveraging digital technologies, and prevention through early detection are the four main areas where healthcare trends are mostly headed right now. Understanding the industry, and ensuring the right regulations are in place can assist governments to bring healthcare up to the standards of the 21st century. This is what countries like Israel, the UK, India, and the U.S. are betting on as they try to ensure better medical care for everyone.

Care delivered in the home and community-based care helps make medical care more sustainable because it is constantly battling increasing costs. Virtual health technology is another area countries are concentrating on. China has managed to offer virtual healthcare to a larger extent than any other country, meaning that more people, even those in remote areas, have access to a fast diagnosis and quick treatment.

Innovation has also ensured more diagnostic and medical procedures are now improved, meaning patients can now be treated in outpatient settings. This lowers the risk of patients contracting hospital-acquired conditions, ensuring home recoveries and home care have become more important than ever before.

Physicians, nurses, and other medical staff are not replaced by technology. However, like in other areas of business, digital technology relieves the need for performing mundane tasks. This allows medical personnel to provide higher care quality.

Early detection and the prevention of disease is increasingly becoming a critical area in healthcare. Currently, disease treatment is eating a huge chunk out of insurance and government medical budgets. Preventing rare illnesses costs much less than the expensive treatments required for curing some diseases.

Starting life over in Israel

Dr. Alex Winderman speaks four languages, of which Hebrew is one. Coming to Israel has opened many new doors for him in his career, but also for his personal life.

Serving Israel in the military is his first major commitment after completing his internship. As a medical officer at a Tel Aviv army base, Dr. Alex Winderman is meeting the medical needs faced by the young people serving their country, and he is in awe of the sophisticated approach of the Israeli military. Initially, moving to Israel proved quite challenging, since the young doctor’s family mostly live in Ukraine and the U.S. However, Dr. Alex’s interest in aesthetic medicine brought him to a conference where he met his partner, the famous Israeli dentist Dr. Chen Hajbi. Consequently, he has also met his large and loving family, including Dr. Chen’s four sisters. Being religious Jews, they all get together very often, especially for the traditional Friday dinner. Lucky to have found a family with such close bonds,  and the opportunity to work in a world-class medical system,  Dr. Alex feels like he has found a special place for himself away from home.

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