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Critical race theory (CRT) is a cancer spreading in the body of our western society

Americans and Europeans no longer have to contend with policies determined by color by the governments in their countries that have brought on differences in of the choice they have now.

Undertaking training sessions to counter the culture and nature of America and Europe will most likely bring up racial issues.

There’s an urgent need for Americans and Europeans to fight racial fanaticism going on in many places – among them: the White House, European governments, workplaces and even our children’s classrooms. The lessons considered divine by supporters are started on schemes with little backing.

The basic suggestions are the following: that the tenacity of racial disparities is an indication on face value of racism so deep that it is total.  To destroy this racism, America and Europe’s beliefs must be re-modeled through re-education; and the only way of doing this is through strict use of “anti-racism” government policies.

These are the principal beliefs of critical race theory (CRT), now being institutionalized throughout society.

White children are being taught to think that they spread racism, no matter their feelings. Black children are taught that to be like whites they have to have the love of reading and writing, and the use of reason… The lesson for all children being that America and Europe is a dreadful place.

In offices, employees are being pushed into “anti-racism” training programs bordering on socialist struggle sessions. Meanwhile, alert corporate executives are quick to meet out punishment on communities making decisions that are unfavorable to them.

At present, the Biden administration has set CRT as the official state philosophy. Grants for programs that use CRT are lined up for top consideration by Its Department of Education. . There’s now a loan forgiveness program which President Biden signed into law for use by all farmers except whites.

No doubt we are back to color-conscious government policy-making for the first time since the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed.

It is now time to question ourselves; Are we rushing into undoing the most wealthy, unrestricted, most fair societies in history because of vague and faint principles that fail to stand up to scrutiny?”

To begin with is “systemic racism”. Among CRT advocates like Richard Delgado, racial disparities come from an “existing mindset by means of which members of the main group validate the world with whites on top and browns and blacks at the bottom.”

Or, in the words of Ibram X. Kendi; “When I see racial differences, I see racism.”

The differences, nonetheless mostly result from choices that free Americans of all colors, now on the loose from a load of government-imposed color-conscious policies, make for reasons of culture.

“There’s are claims by Activists on the Left of American and European politics that ‘white supremacy,’ ‘implicit bias,’ and old-fashioned ‘anti-black racism’ are adequate to account for black disadvantage. But this is a lie that banks on ‘cancel culture’ to be continued,” says Brown University professor Glenn Loury. “The simple answer, ‘racism,’ is laughable—as if such differences have nothing to do with behavior, with cultural patterns, with value given by peer groups, way people spend their time, with things identified as being grave to their own self-respect.”

The research intensely backs up Mr. Loury. Columbia University professor Van C. Tran has looked at children of West Indian immigrants. They grew up in uneasy neighborhoods, separated from whites, and, for their lack of a foreign accent, are seen as indistinguishable blacks by cops, store owners, employers, landlords, teachers, etc. Point is, they, too, face discrimination.

But the West Indians strongly outstrip others in eight important measures: high school dropout; unemployment; the NEET rate (Not in Education, Not in Employment, Not in Training); college graduate; professional attainment; arrest rate; incarceration rate, and teen pregnancy. In everything except college graduate and professional attainment, second-gen West Indians are catching the gap with whites.

The motive, according to Mr. Tran, is West Indian families use “different group-specific strategies” to deal disadvantage. He recognized three “cultural mechanisms that somewhat explain” West Indian success: “parenting policies, association with the local drug trade and neighbourhood peer network.”

Even though Mr. Tran’s study was specific to New York City, the same results were found for the studies in other places. If America were strictly systemically racist, it would be impossible for black children of immigrants to have good life results. A family of any background that embraces these policies has a better chance of success.

Race and color-conscious policies cannot address people’s choices as a result of peer-group pressure.  Nor do they look into what Christopher Rufo classifies as the real causes of American poverty, notwithstanding of race: the “background differences of family structure, educational accomplishment, and workforce input.”

In the end, efforts to re-engineer American or human nature through training sessions are will most likely produce a reaction with ugly racial implications. In due course, they most likely fail: as human nature is unchangeable.

The light at the end of the tunnel being that we don’t have to see society disentangle, either because CRT supporters mess up the institutions that create freedom and prosperity, or through an ugly counterattack. At present different states, and non-government bodies are in the fight against CRT. It is better for s to show the basis of this is nonsense.

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