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Buying Artificial Plants from Artiplanto and Amazon: What Consumers Should Know

Artificial plant brands and sellers abound, but providing high-quality premium-grade plants for indoor and outdoor use is quite a challenge.

One of the reasons people prefer faux plants in their spaces is that they are too busy to maintain real plants around their homes and offices. Once placed, artificial plants require no watering, sunlight, or special temperatures. You can also choose whatever plant matches the rest of your space, without worrying that the interior or exterior climate doesn’t have the required environment for the plant.

Consumers want realistic-looking plants, but unfortunately, faux plants have had a tacky reputation for many years. Therefore, accuracy to detail is important in their design, and clients also want a say in the type of planters they can place their newly bought plants in.

Making selection easier

ArtiPlanto and Amazon both sell a huge range of fake plants. The artificial plant company, ArtiPlanto, has an extensive plant collection, ensuring you will find the exact plant required and a good option of sizes.

Amazon is a vast international online marketplace where you can expect to find hundreds of artificial plant sellers. Deciding on the best quality of plants and flowers to buy is quite tricky, but you can sort them by size and material wanted. There are also other categories you can choose, including where you want to place the plant.

ArtiPlanto is a home décor company based in Montreal and New York. They have an online site that is easy to navigate because it’s divided into plant size categories. Whether you are looking for a plant of 3 feet or under or 10 feet and over, their website makes it easy for you to browse. The artificial plant company recently expanded into Europe and has proven quite popular in this demanding market.

Quality decisions

Amazon’s brand options are so numerous that one of the major problems for consumers is finding the ones that are not too plasticky. After all, a bad fake plant can be just terrible!

With prices on Amazon starting from under 10 cents, quality can be an issue.  As a consumer, the best way to sort out the good from the bad is to look for carefully vetted options, and always read the reviews.

Artiplanto promises a level of quality rarely seen from companies that don’t specialize in faux plants. Each plant type is designed to depict the real plant. Design teams from around the world strive to provide quality plants with attention to detail, making them difficult to tell apart from the real thing. Prices start from $18, but the amazing variety of plants are so realistic, it makes it difficult to tell them apart from the real thing.

How to choose an artificial plant?

Shopping for an artificial plant is tricky, especially online. Some things make it easier to spot quality. It is important that the plant has color and texture variations, and it shouldn’t have perfect lines and identical leaves. Plants never grow like that in nature!

 Interior designers also suggest you stay away from plants with rain droplets and other such details. Leaves that are too glossy can look tacky and fake. Some minute details can make a plant look more realistic. Look for details like delicate root sheaths, the way the dirt at the bottom of the plant is designed, and realistic-looking thorns or fruit.

You can also make sure that your fake plants look more natural. Add a realistic touch with some sand, moss, or river rocks. Also, place the plant in a planter that matches the décor of your home. Keep the plant dust-free, and make sure to place it in a realistic spot, not in a dark, dank corner where nothing would ever grow. If you do have a corner that needs cheering up, look for a natural-looking floral bouquet. Choosing the right planter also makes a difference in the overall appeal of the plant.

A passion for plants

ArtiPlanto has a diverse team of people working together with a passion for interior decorating. Together the team speaks more than five languages. Passionate about real plants, the team does their part in ensuring forest preservation through their partnership with One Tree Planted, the global tree-planting organization.

Their phenomenal growth has ensured they are placed among the most respected suppliers of artificial plants in North America and Europe. ArtiPlanto has been featured in Business Insider, Apartment Therapy, Women’s Health, etc.

Individual customer needs and prioritizing the final customer experience is how ArtiPlanto differs from Amazon when it comes to faux plant sales. 

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