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Business Owner Casey Askar Sees Quick-Service Model Thrive

Restaurant industry entrepreneur Casey Askar discusses the behind-the-scenes impact of current events and the benefits of the quick-service model.

Following an extended period of economic uncertainty stemming from the ongoing global health crisis, many businesses have suffered. However, others have thrived, including so-called quick-service restaurants. A restaurant industry entrepreneur from southwest Florida, Casey Askar provides expert insight into the circumstances surrounding his own businesses in the sector.

“Sadly, COVID-19 has seen a lot of predominantly small businesses go by the wayside recently,” explains Casey Askar, speaking from his office in Naples, Florida. Restaurant industry entrepreneur Askar is a leading franchisee for various multinational brands.

“The bigger a business is, the more critical mass and therefore resources and staying power they have,” suggests Askar, “meaning that they’re more likely to be able to get over the hump in the challenge posed by the coronavirus pandemic.”

Other factors come into play, too, he says. For example, Casey Askar and his team have reported excellent performance from their quick-service restaurant locations, even during the pandemic. “Our quick-service portfolio has done very well recently,” he explains, “especially our pizza restaurants, as customers utilize their carry-out and delivery services.”

Askar’s proprietary internal delivery model, he says, has further helped his quick-service portfolio to thrive, particularly in light of current circumstances. “Having our own internal delivery service is different from utilizing UberEats, DoorDash, or another similar service,” says the entrepreneur. “Having someone in your uniform, following company protocols on how deliveries are made and dropped off has been key,” he adds.

Protocols employed by Casey Askar and his team include increased health and safety standards. With COVID-19 having now been a concern for many for over a year, Askar credits these protocols with the continued success of his quick-service restaurant locations.

“From the initial days of the pandemic, people were paranoid about doing anything in the outside world,” Askar goes on to explain. “Then they realized that they still had to go to the grocery store, so many opted instead to order out,” he adds, “and there’s nothing better than pizza.”

Already unpredictable market further hit by COVID-19, says Casey Askar

In the always unpredictable restaurant market, Askar believes that dining-in has been shrinking for years. “COVID-19 has only served to ramp that up dramatically,” he suggests.

By contrast, quick-service restaurants and businesses with a drive-thru, delivery, and carry-out have performed even better than anticipated during the pandemic, Askar reports. “At the end of the day, it’s been about doing the right thing,” he adds, “and doing for others what you would hope others would do for you.”

With over 25 years of executive and operational experience in the restaurant industry, self-made businessman Casey Askar also recently marked two decades in real estate acquisition and development. Starting out in the world of health and fitness, he first entered the food sector in the late 1990s. A single pizza restaurant franchise rapidly grew into multiple locations.

Today, he runs a massive portfolio of businesses, including 45 Church’s Chicken franchises located in six states, 47 Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants in South Florida, and employs thousands of people across the country.

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