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Will Joe Manchin Block The Corrupt Politicians Act?

H.R.1, The For The People Act, or The Corrupt Politicians Act, is a bill that would change the American voting system at its core. The legislation would match small-dollar donations under $200 at a rate of 6:1 with taxpayer dollars, voter ID laws would be banned, States would have to keep certain ineligible voters registered to vote, same-day registration would be required for all states, a requirement would allow all felons to vote, the federal government would demand that early voting periods be extended, and it makes it a crime to discourage someone from voting.

The primary goal of H.R.1 is to give the federal government power over elections. This goes against what the founding fathers intended for our election process. The states and local governments were given power over elections so that the federal government cannot control elections. The reason this is necessary is pretty simple. If the federal government could regulate elections, then they could effectively elect themselves. Democrats would love to have the power to rig elections in their favor. Many of the provisions in the bill are written for this exact purpose. 

Leftists know that an average donation to their campaigns is smaller than an average donation to a republican campaign, so they made sure only to match small donations with taxpayer funds. Voter ID laws are likely to prevent groups that may not vote from voting. This could have a massive benefit for Democrats if enough illegal aliens vote. Democrats are more likely to vote by mail, so Democrats could increase their turnout by mandating it. Some changes also put election security at high risk, such as mail-in voting, automatic registration, and same-day registration. 

Even if random leftists, foreign adversaries, and illegal aliens do not exploit the security risks that this bill presents, the election would still be rigged in the left’s favor. Just allowing felons to vote alone would have significant ramifications for the election, the extra campaign money the Democrats would generate would allow for mass propaganda, and many other provisions would only contribute to this advantage. Leftist politicians across the board seem completely on board with these radical changes. When the bill passed the house, it was nearly entirely partisan, but Rep. Bennie Thompson was the only Democrat to oppose the bill. 

Now that the bill is heading for the senate, little resistance stands in its way. With a 50/50 split senate and the tie going to the democrats, a completely partisan vote would put The Corrupt Politicians Act directly on Biden’s desk. It is not quite this simple, the senate needs 60 senators to end debate and vote on a bill. Unfortunately, this is a non-factor because the filibuster can be ended by a simple majority. 49 out of 50 democrat senators have said that they will do this to pass H.R.1.  

The West Virginia senator, Joe Manchin is the only democrat that said he is not willing to end the filibuster. Indeed, the fate of our entire representative democracy lies in the hands of one person. Unfortunately, Joe Manchin may not be the best person for the job. Manchin himself has supported the legislation in the past. The reason Manchin is not willing to support the legislation now is the lack of bipartisanship. In an op-ed for the Charleston Gazette-Mail, he said, “partisan policymaking won’t instill confidence in our democracy — it will destroy it.”  

Manchin is half right that partisan voting laws won’t instill confidence in our democracy. Partisan voting laws will instill partisan confidence in our election system. That is the problem, most democrats are certain that this bill is beneficial to election integrity. Manchin is facing a great backlash from his party, and his supporters. If a politician faces a backlash from his side, that must mean that he is genuine. Well, maybe not. Manchin is a Democrat in a red state, so he needs to appease at least some red voters. Of course, Manchin is a Democrat, so he needs to stay popular among the left as well. 

If Manchin’s convictions are genuine, then he will maintain them, but if Manchin simply opposes the bill for his political interest, he will cave to the left. Manchin is probably the most hated politician right now, and that hate is coming from his base of support. Politically, Manchin is in a very precarious spot and will need to maintain every democrat voter he has if he wants to maintain office. Only time will tell if Manchin will cave to the left to keep his position as a senator or maintain his conviction against The Corrupt Politicians Act.

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