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Trump Appeal

So just what is it about this guy that drew millions upon millions of Americans to vote for him and who continues to support him? 

Well, it started when he announced his candidacy for President, and for the first time in our history, a candidate spoke of the swamp, the deep state, and how he was going to clean it up. We all knew about the swamp, corrupt politicians, and bureaucrats, we knew about that for years and now we had someone who wanted to be President actually talking about addressing it. No candidate in our history ever spoke like that.

He spoke of all that was wrong with America and we knew that as well but we could never do anything about it. The old saying was it doesn’t matter who you vote for nothing is going to change and it didn’t. But this guy was different, he wasn’t a politician like others who entered office made their millions, and left. He already made his millions so money and power weren’t his motivation. We believed his motivation was he actually wanted to do good things for the country and its citizens. So why not take a chance, just what did we have to lose.

Well, he became President and space doesn’t allow me to list all he did that improved the country and all Americans. Ok, some didn’t like some of his tweets but think about it. Here you are on the frontline, you and your entire family are under constant attack, they are coming out with blatant lies and false information about you and spreading it to the entire country. Do you think you might send out an aggressive tweet from time to time if that were you?

Personally, I didn’t vote for a personality, I voted for policies. I voted for what I felt was best for our country. So why the vicious attacks, which usually are prompted by fear? Basically, Trump was dismantling the old boy network he was disrupting the status quo, he refused to play the game as others played before him. He put America and Americans first in all his decisions, the country moved forward and Americans prospered. But it’s not just about Trump, they want to make sure no one ever tries to become President who puts America first, if you try we will do to you what we did to Trump is the clear message being sent.

We actually had peace in the Middle East, now we have war. We had a secure border now it’s wide open and I could go on and on but the Patriots know what he did. So now we have a President who stands before us and tells us blatant lies that are easily refuted. The border is secure, sure it is. He put a halt to our pipeline but supported the Russian pipeline, maybe someone can explain that to me. They call us insurrectionist and white supremacist, that’s what the radical left does, they put a negative label on you and their media friends broadcast it to millions of Americans, some of who just might believe it.

Let’s be clear we are not up against the Democratic Party, that organization no longer exists, it has been overtaken by the radical left. This is a battle between Democracy and Socialism, control and freedom. They have done evil things, corrupted the minds of our youth, and molded them into Marxists. As I write this we have riots across our country but the media won’t show you. Remember how Trump was attacked for calling the media the enemy of the people? Well guess what, he was right, as he was about all he told us, the China virus, they attacked him, now it’s coming out, again he was right.

So just what is the Trump appeal? Simply put it is honesty and truth, it is the willingness to stand and fight for all America stands for regardless of the personal pains. It is, we know Trump is an American Patriot just like us, he believes in this country, one that fought against slavery (a Democrat institution, research the history) and expounded civil rights for all Americans. We trust him because he has shown us we can trust him, he has never let us down or lied to us. And because of this, we support him and his policies. Because of this we will not lie down and give in, we stand strong and oppose all injustice. We challenge the school boards who are corrupting our children, the corporations, local government all those who support the radical left.

You see when the dust clears it’s not about Trump’s appeal, it’s all, about American appeal. The Constitution, Bill of Rights, our freedoms and liberties our right to prosper, and strive to create a “more perfect union,” to live in peace with our brothers and sisters so we all sit upon that mountaintop Dr. King spoke of. It’s all about the “American Dream.”

Frank D. Lovell
American Patriot
Free State of Florida

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Frank D. Lovell

A 74-year-old conservative writer from Florida.

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