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Special Interest Groups Are Good

Democrats love nothing more than to rail against special interest groups such as the NRA. They say that these groups are too powerful and that they diminish democracy. Well, at least they say that if it’s an organization they don’t agree with. If it is the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League that is dedicated to the legalization of murder, then they see no problem with it. If it is a conservative group, a leftist will say that if a group has more power than the people, the special interest is taking the vote away from them. What the Democrats cannot recognize is that we do not live in a democracy. We live in a constitutional representative democracy. 

Special interest groups fit very well in the vision of representative democracy. In a representative democracy, people elect others to represent them rather than having each person vote on every issue. There are a few reasons for this. The first reason is that it would simply be ineffective for a nation of over 350 million people to vote on every issue. The second and more significant issue is that democracy is simply mob rule. It is two snowflakes and a conservative voting on what you can say. Therefore, we have the constitution to protect certain rights no matter how big the mob that wants to take them away gets. 

This is the obvious reason that democrats hate special interest groups and our entire system of government. They are in the majority, and they want to take the minorities’ constitutionally protected rights. Therefore, it is ok for groups to exist in favor of killing humans but not ok for groups to exist in the name of protecting individual rights such as the Second Amendment. Just like politicians are elected by people to act in their interest, special interest groups are supported by people to act in their interest. 

The NRA might be funded by gun manufacturers, but the democrats seem unaware of why the gun manufacturers have the money to do this. People want to buy guns from the manufacturers, and people want to protect themselves, and people want to defend against tyrannical governments, and most of all they want to keep their guns. This is the case with all special interest groups. They are all funded by people who have a common interest. 

When a group of people comes together to protect their rights, pass a new law, elect a politician, or do anything else, that means that the system is working the exact way it is supposed to. The founding fathers gave power t states for this exact reason. They knew that someone in Maine would have different interests than someone in Virginia. Unfortunately, now that the effects of distance decay and globalism have taken hold, states are no longer the greatest signifier of one’s beliefs or party. A large part of this is simply economic interests. Before, there were more workers of the same type in a particular economy. For example, when the gold rush was happening, there were many miners, and because of this, miners would vote in favor of policies that made gold mining more profitable. But now, this is not the case. In Texas, the oil industry is a stable part of the primary sector of the economy, and it employs many people, but that said, there are also a lot of solar technicians in Texas who would probably love to see the oil industry collapse.

While economic interest played a role in the shift away from common values, other political and cultural viewpoints are also a factor. Because people no longer share a similar value set in a state, it could lead to mob rule in states. Arizona now leans just slightly left, yet it still preserved some of the least restrictive gun laws in the country. This is not because most people in Arizona would not love to take the guns of the minority away, but it is because they cannot. Special interest groups can act on behalf of a group and preserve their rights.

Joe Biden (aka Kamala Harris) has complained about special interest groups being too powerful. It is clear why she is against the groups. She has a radical agenda that she wants to shove down our throats. Unfortunately for her, special interest groups block these agendas on our behalf. The democrats will stop at nothing to bring about mob rule. Be that abolishing the electoral college or dissolving the NRA. They will not rest until they have complete control over the American people. This is why leftists want to frame special interest groups as inherently evil, and this is why we must not let them do so as Conservatives.  

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My name is Nicholas and I am a conservative author. My qualifications include having a grasp on reality, a basic understanding of English, and that is about it. I tend to write about cultural and political issues such as abortion, the willful mutilation of oneself, and other things like that. Some people think inspiration is important for writing, but I write from a place of deep horror and disgust.

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