Useful News An Innovation to Improve your Cybersecurity and Age Detection

  • Entertainment is a break from the usual routine, there are different sources of entertainment, you can play video games and outdoor games can watch movies and shows.
  • Pornography is one of the sources of entertainment, but it is always discouraged by the government, and the general public because of its devastating effect on the health of an individual.
  • Particularly among children addiction to porn can ruin not only their mental health but also physical health.
  • So the government demanded adult sites should be closely monitored, about the age group of their visitors.
  • These sites should be restricted to young children before 18 years of age., age verification secure and anonymous:

  • It is a European website particularly designed for verification of the age of clients of these sites.
  • It works with many adult sites for their controlled traffic.
  • Xlovecam is one of adult site, and Xlovecam works together, for verification of the age of clients.
  •, age verification secure and anonymous an efficient and easy-to-use application.
  • Everyone can use this without any hurdle.
  • It is designed based on artificial intelligence.
  • Utilizes webcam of the device for evaluation of given information.
  • It requires only your date of birth and a current photo.
  • For this you only have to take pictures of your CNIC, the system will automatically cross-match the given data for effective verification and leave no ambiguity.
  • It will not misuse your information in any way, your information will be confidential.
  • No tracing and hacking.
  • It only requires a date of birth and photo, not any personal information like home address, etc.
  • The information will be deleted automatically from the system but stored in the application, so no one guesses your history of computer or device.
  • Once you have given information, then you can just log in next time, need not provide the information again.


  • Xlovecam is an adult site, uses for age verification of its clients.
  • It offers a different category of porn, arranged different shows, performed by the number of porn stars.
  • You are free to choose your favorite one, to select your favorite show.
  • Can be alerted about your favorite performance, so you can catch them.
  • There are live shows available.
  • Also the advantage of private sessions, and conversation with the performer.
  • Can comment, or text to a performer during the show.
  • Even you can talk to them through the microphone.
  • It’s all done according to your choice, and everything is confidential.
  • Their goal is to entertain but also respect the privacy of their clients.
  • With help of it verifies the age of clients before giving access to their site.
  • So confirms that all their clients are 18 plus.
  • Payment is also online. helped us in releasing stress about our children because now day everyone has their mobile phones, and internet connection essential for their normal activities, like most of the things done are all online, online buying selling, education, so it is very important to have check and balance on our child while they were using the internet because any bad habit can suffer not only their lives but it can harm society, we should be thanked to for such innovation.

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