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10 Unique Hoodies for Christians

Art is used to showcasing your faith in Jesus. Christian art is a subcategory of its own, with several paintings dating as early as the 17th century depicting monumental moments in the life of Christ or adaptations of Jesus in one way or another.

While admittedly beautiful, these paintings can be considered somewhat too complex or too novel to be printed onto apparel. For example, if you’re a teenager looking for a hoodie that depicts your Christian faith, you wouldn’t want something with a renaissance painting on it.

There are several options to choose from that showcase Christ or your faith in Him. Most of which are readily available, and some of which you can have custom-made.

Unique Hoodies for Christians

10.Made In The Image of God

Christians believe that all human beings were created with the likeness of God. This isn’t to say that human beings are similar to God in appearance, but God created humanity with the same qualities of Himself – namely, social, moral, and mental qualities.

A hoodie with the text phrase ‘Made in the Image of God’ both serves as an artistic way of expression for your faith and is also a pretty neat one-liner to have on a hoodie.

9.God’s Favourite

The belief is that human beings were created to resemble God but not necessarily mirror Him in appearance. The implication is that human beings are given novel status compared to the rest of God’s creations, sowithHe created them closely resembling Himself.

8.God is Dope

Again, you wouldn’t expect someone in the 21st century to wear a hoodie that has a painting from the 17th century on it. The art form in the 21st century is kept modern to meet several trends. Likewise, a god is dope hoodie is a testament to what it means to be a Christian growing up in 2021.

7.Jesus Saves

Christians believe that Jesus has been pained for their sins. This concept isn’t as simplistic as people make it out to be. It means that he was so loving towards His people that he found a way to forgive them for all of their sins during His lifetime. Therefore in effect saving them.


The cross of Jesus is a historic moment depicted in several Christian paintings and literature. It’s symbolic of the faith and can be played in several ways to make it suitable for apparel.


Being blessed means having faith in a Higher Authority that could bless you. This hoodie serves as a testament to the fact that God blesses His creations and all those who follow his commandments.

4.Extracts From Scriptures

Nothing provides more testament to your faith than extracts from the Lord’s words.

3.The Ten Commandments

Christians believe in ten commandments that form the guidelines of how they’re meant to live their lives. A hoodie with these commandments is both Christian and chic.

2.Jesus Popart

It wouldn’t be a teen’s hoodie in 2021 if there weren’t something with a pop of color and something funky.

1.Elevated Faith

Your hoodie could also bear testament to your newfound faith in Jesus or your trackback to Him.


Art is a form of expression, and contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be an artist to find art that expresses something you believe in or are passionate about. Showcasing your artistic expression isn’t limited to creation but can also be done by supporting or donning something with said art.

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