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The role and responsibilities of mortgage brokers

Homebuyers often seek the services of well-connected mortgage brokers to find out the most suitable mortgage lender. They look for someone who has a connection with a vast network of lenders that saves time and effort in getting the best mortgage deal. A competent and experienced mortgage broker like Metropolitan Mortgage can help you find the right mortgage using their expertise. Since many different types of lending programs are available, it might be a daunting task to compare home loan lenders and select one all on your own because of your unfamiliarity with the market.

Every homeowner needs proper guidance about home loans to get the best interest rate and the best terms. Whether conventional loans like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac or FHA loans or VA loans would be best for you is not easy to decide unless you know the intricate details, which only a mortgage broker can help with by providing updated information.

How mortgage brokers can help home buyers

Mortgage brokers are middlemen who efficiently connect home buyers with lenders and play the role of a liaison agent only without using their funds for generating mortgage. They facilitate home buyers to connect with the most suitable lender and seek out the best fit for the loan by considering the borrower’s financial situation and assists in completing the paperwork for submitting it to the lender. It speeds up the process of approval and underwriting because the experience of the mortgage brokers ensures that error-free document submission in the desired manner.

The mortgage broker charges a fee for the services payable by the buyer, lender or both during closing. Who pays the brokerage charges depend on the kind of arrangement that the mortgage worker has with the parties involved.

The working modality

The mortgage brokers gather all information about the different loan options available to the prospective home buyer, whether a first-time buyer or a buyer in need of refinancing, using their network of mortgage lenders. Besides helping home buyers compare the offers made by lenders to choose the best one, the mortgage broker qualifies the loan with the shortlisted lenders.

The broker also gathers all relevant information and documents from the buyer like income, employment documentation, assets, credit report, and other information to assess the borrower’s ability to obtain financing, which they then pass on to potential lenders.

The broker identifies the appropriate loan type for the borrower and even fixes the loan amount besides determining the LTV (loan to value ratio) and then submits the documents to the lender for approval. The broker keeps interacting with the lender and borrower throughout the transaction until the deal’s closure when the broker receives the fees.

Appointing a mortgage broker relieves home buyers from handling the complex task of finding lenders and arranging a loan. The broker does everything on behalf of home buyers and cuts short the long work by proper coordination with the lenders. The broker works with the home buyers personally and ensures the best protection of their interest.

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