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Paypal Cancels Your American Flag Store, Owes $35k

The Center for American Liberty in conjunction with the Dhillon Law Group, Inc. and on behalf of the client Your American Flag Store sent a letter to PayPal demanding the company release by May 26, 2021 upwards of $35,000 that is being held by an unjustifiable, arbitrary hold.

Click here to view and download the demand letter.

Your American Flag Store is an online storefront based in Knoxville, Tenn. that sells hand-carved wooden American flags. The flags are works of art expressing patriotic themes that pay tribute to the armed forces, the Constitution, and first responders. 

In Jan. 2021, PayPal decided to demonetize Your American Flag Store by freezing revenue due it, leaving the business in an impossible situation—unable to fulfill orders because PayPal is freezing, rather than transferring the funds.

“We will not allow PayPal to discriminate in the performance of their contractual obligations, tortuously interfere with contracts, and misrepresent their business policies,” said CEO of the Center for American Liberty, Harmeet K. Dhillon. “Just because they do not like what is being sold does not grant them the ability to collect payments from customers and then deny disbursement to the business. This is another clear example of Big Tech’s cancel culture going too far and it must be fought.”

If Paypal does not release the funds by May 26, 2021, The Dhillon Law Group, Inc. is threatening legal action.

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  1. Pay Pal facilitated a business that ripped of many consumers which filed complaints against the company via Better Business Bureau ….I was also a victim of the company Indestructible Shoes….I discovered the fraud after no response was provided by the seller who is actually in China not the UNITED STATES….I returned product once the seller finally provided a tracking number weeks later….Paypal refused to punish the seller or refund my money after I returned the product so I was ripped off twice…pay pal keeps changing their policy every few months to avoid accountability …..

  2. “… PayPal keeps changing their policies..”

    Are you surprised that a liberal outfit would move the goalpost as needed?

    Come on man, that’s the trademark modus operandi of the Left.

  3. What are the customers, whose dollars have been frozen, saying about this? Don’t they also have a legitimate complaint about Pay Pal’s keeping their money instead of forwarding it to the company for what they’ve purchased? I’d be upset with Pay Pal and would let them know about it.

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