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How to Get Back Support While Driving

If you’re driving long distances (or even short ones) and experiencing back problems, you’re probably asking yourself—how can I make this go away? If you’re lacking back support, there are many ways that you can fix the issue.

Car seats aren’t made equally, so some may offer more or less support than others. If driving is causing back pain no matter how long you’re driving, you should try these tips and tricks. Back pain is common when driving long distances, but these tips can help you manage that pain as well.

Use Lumbar Support

If you need more car lumbar support, there are a few options for you. You can easily add lumbar support by rolling up a towel and playing it at the base of your seat, right above your butt. When you lean back, you should be able to feel the added support.

There are also many options for cushions that are specifically designed for cars. If you’re experiencing uncomfortable or ongoing back pain while driving, you may want to consider investing in a cushion.

Move Your Seat Up

Sometimes back pain is caused because of your driving position. If you’re not close enough to the wheel, you might be stretching your arms out far, making you slouch. To prevent back pain from slouching, move your seat up far enough so that you can reach the wheel without having to slouch forwards.

Angle Your Seat

The angle of your seat is important as well. The back of your chair should be at a 100 or 110-degree angle in order for you to sit properly. A chair-back that’s at a 90-degree angle won’t be comfortable, and a chair that’s leaned back too far back will prevent you from being able to properly see the road and operate your motor vehicle.

Cruise Control

If you’re driving a long distance and your car has the option, you should always enable cruise control when it’s safe to do so. Putting your feet on the floor for a short period of time can help you better balance yourself.

You don’t need to leave the cruise control on for too long, as it may not be safe to do so. When using cruise control, make sure you’re still paying attention to the road and watching the flow of traffic, just in case you need to flip it off at any time.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

When driving for long distances, it’s important to pull over and stretch out your legs as much as you can. Your legs can get locked into a driving position and your body can begin to ache because of this.

Not only that, but you may need to loosen up. Sitting for too long can cause a lot of damage and pain, so make sure to take a rest stop, move your legs around, stretch out your body, and enjoy a quick snack before you get back on the road.

This will also prevent you from getting tired behind the wheel, which is never a good thing.

Use Ice and Heat

If you find that nothing else helps, or you didn’t take necessary precautions and now your body hurts, you may want to use ice and heat to relieve your lower back pain. You can alternate between the use of heat and ice for a few hours to help the pain go away.

However, using temperature is not a permanent solution. To prevent further pain and damage in the future, you should follow the above tips. You only get one body, so you should try to treat it with care while you still can.

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