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High-Class Public Restroom Sinks

It is a well-known fact that the condition of public restrooms can tell a lot about the business. The point is that successful business management requires attention to every detail. Thus, the commercial bathroom, which is an obligatory part of any premise, should correspond to the status and policy of a certain business.

Such space as a public restroom sink or tile seems to be insignificant at first. However, it influences the formation of opinion about your company.

Therefore, it is necessary to find the best furniture and accessories for the public restroom to assure the highest level of comfort for your customers. Fortunately, the production and services of Aquatica are a great solution for you.

The leader on the American market, Aquatica, is your best guide in the world of bathroom furniture. It is famous for a great variety of products for private bathrooms, outdoor relaxation areas with swimming pools and hot tubs, and commercial restrooms. So, in the Aquatica catalog, you can find everything you need, from outside pool showers to faucets.

Aquatica is popular not only in the USA. It has customers in different countries as well due to excellent services.

Aquatica public restroom sinks are the most alluring on the market because of their high-grade quality and a wide diversity of offered options. You can choose the following features:

  • Installation construction (freestanding, wall-mounted)
  • Form (rectangular, original)
  • Sink length (20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59)
  • Sink material (AquateX, EcoMarmor, NeroX)
  • Product color (black, white)
  • Surface finish (high gloss, matte)
  • Price (the minimum value is $500, and the maximum is $4,000)

Every option you select will become a great decoration for your restroom. Aquatica produces sinks for diverse interior styles. So, you will find a perfect one, whether your restroom is classically designed or has a contemporary style.

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