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George Floyd Memorial Attendees Interviewd by Ami Horowitz, What Transpired Is Shocking and Sad

Yesterday, outstanding journalist, Ami Horowitz, went to the George Floyd memorial in Minneapolis to ask individuals gathering in protest what they thought was going on. The answers he received were absolutely shocking!

See for yourself…

Some of these individuals seen in the video approved of “burning the city down.” This was an outright confession they would prefer to see anarchy in the street. Additionally, one person said, “So they can see we are here.”

Another person interviewed stated that there shouldn’t even be a trial and that Derek Chauvin should just be convicted on the spot — the video was enough. Another said he would support “street justice” on Cauvin. Vigilantism is something they are obviously in favor of for Chauvin and anyone who shares his skin color.

Another equally astonishing comment was when a third person indicated Chauvin should have been “fed to the wolves.” Screw due process. That’s for a civilized society and apparently is “so last year.”

Horowitz asked them a good question: how many unarmed Black people were killed last year? Liberals think unarmed Black men are dying in the thousands each year, a common misconception among all of them. In fact, as the protesters being questioned showed Horowitz their ignorance.

Varying counts depend upon the statistics you check. In 2019, according to USA Today, it was 13 people. These individuals believed there was a genocide of the Black race going on with police-involved shootings. It’s not difficult to imagine why they might believe this is the case, given the outsized attention paid to any policy shooting involving a Black person — especially if the trigger finger is white — according to the media.

Further, the media’s interpretation is false and irresponsible. They’re manipulating reality to fit an agenda. As such, this harmful manipulation can be seen by their perceptions. How many more people believe this, although they might not be as extreme in their expressions as these folks are?

Ami asked what percentage of the country was white supremacist? An additional question where the answer, once again, was different from actual reality. These individuals being fed this manipulated garbage are unhinged from reality. One respondent believed “most of the country” was white supremacist. This particular protester said she didn’t want to divulge information that would incriminate herself, but she said yes. She also indicated that maybe those people should get “street justice.”

Another explained she wasn’t really saying kill the white people, “But…”

This video is absolutely bonkers. It’s based on lies and a media narrative that doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. Personally, I think this extreme perception is a relatively small number of people, but the misperception about police shootings seems rampant.

The legacy media has a lot to answer to as they continue cultivating this un-American and divisive rhetoric. No doubt the newsrooms at MSNBC and CNN were filled with champagne, jubilation, and cheers once the verdict of Derek Chauvin was announced.

This has to stop. People must be informed by truth and not prescribed and desired narratives.

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  1. Last May I watched on live TV as Minneapolis torn down and burned. The governor couldn’t find it in his heart to call in the National Guard, neither could the mayor. President Trump called them and offered to send the National Guard but they said no. The police had been ordered to stand down and it irked me to see them standing around with their fingers up their noses as the city burned. I watched as rioters looted stores then set them on fire, they burned the Post Office, a federal building and they didn’t care what was happening. One black store owner was interviewed in one of the neighborhoods and was asked how he felt to see his business destroyed and he said he was okay with it. If that’s what it takes for blacks to be heard then that’s what they have to do. I lost a lot of respect for a lot of those people that night. I felt bad for those who truly were suffering from all the destruction but it doesn’t look like it was a major loss for them and they’re willing to do it again. It took the mayor and governor a long time to give in and have the National Guard make an appearance that night, and right behind the guards were the police who wouldn’t do their job earlier. But I will support those police who have to protect a bunch of people who don’t care one bit what happens to their cities and to their neighbors, only themselves. I don’t have much pity for them. They have nothing but vengeful feelings toward others so they will probably get the same in return.

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