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Why Using Templates for Making PowerPoint Presentations Makes Good Sense

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From weekly team meetings to corporate Strategy presentations- to selling to prospective customers everything is now online- owing to the pandemic and remote working. Our users say despite the changed external situation, they continue to face the same pressures to deliver. They are often preparing for these meetings solo and then expected to deliver on impactful discussions virtually while lacking the natural advantage of in-person presence.

Slide presentations continue to be the dominant mode of these communication exchanges. The key question is what is the way to maximize the effectiveness of this medium. We will discuss one important approach: the use of PowerPoint Templates.

Here are some reasons why using PowerPoint Templates makes good sense:

Get a Great Starting Point Rather Than Starting from Scratch:

Often as a thinker, one can face writer’s block when starting with a blank page. Studies show that as humans we fare a lot better building on ideas than starting from absolute scratch. High-quality templates give you visual and verbal prompts so you can start to choose to agree, disagree, add or edit and get into a productive zone of idea generation and storytelling.

This can in turn serve as an inspiration to create valuable content, to drive the high-impact presentation you want to deliver.

Remove Blind Spots By Taking Advantage of Best In Class Thinking:

We can be limited by our own direct and indirect experiences as we think of ideas. When creating a point of view, this can limit the quality, breadth, and depth of the thinking needed to create robust, compelling material.

High-quality templates not only give you a great starting point but also pre-bake some industry wisdom so you can consider those ideas when forming your viewpoint.

Avoid Stale Native PowerPoint Graphics:

The native library of PowerPoint templates often get overused and create boredom in the audience. The big issue at hand is that stale templates can mask the freshness of your ideas. Usage of PowerPoint templates, should enhance and augment your message and not create a dull or dichotomous effect.

SlideUpLift’s library of PowerPoint Templates is developed on the foundational principles of vision science and storytelling. It carries a wide variety of visual elements and graphics including Professional Icons, Silhouettes, 3D Isometrics, Models, etc. giving your ideas a compelling look and gets it the attention it deserves.

Avoid Non-Productive Time Designing Slides:

PowerPoint Templates come with a host of features, the most important being the design functionality and appeal they provide to the presentation. Every template provides an editable package of fonts, graphics, and other elements tailored for a specific business agenda.

The convenience provided by PowerPoint templates helps achieve speed and productivity. This is because PowerPoint templates save time, money, and the energy that otherwise goes into building the graphics, formatting, etc. from scratch.

Ask The Team to Fill It Up Before They Meet So They Are More Prepared:

As a leader, one can use templates to achieve a higher degree of purposefulness and direction in the team. For example, asking the team to fill up a Project Kick-off deck template prior to meeting you can ensure that the team thinks through the various aspects of starting a project and their ideas are sufficiently formed for you to review. This can have an empowering effect on the team members and result in having everyone’s time better spent.

With the ongoing state of affairs, working in an office seems like a distant reality and remote work is here to stay. PowerPoint templates are powerful aids to both these processes as they reduce slide build time whilst increasing impact. SlideUpLift with its vast experience and library is here to help.

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