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The Visual Prowess in Political Communication

We humans are visual creatures. History tracing back to centuries prove that cave paintings were one of the most powerful mediums of communication and storytelling. While the modes have changed, we continue to be enthralled by visual cues more than anything else.

Politics too thrives on the power of visuals to get their message across. From aggressive messages to messages of peace, many political campaigns relied on the power of visual collaterals to get their message across.

This is where the importance of political signs and banners comes in.

Political signs and banners have for long been used as advertising tactic of repetition to create a brand identity in the minds of the voters. If you can see flags down the pathways, signboards in commercial spaces, you are more like to retain that particular party campaign than those seated in the backseat.

In addition to helping veteran political influencers, signs and banners are a great medium to help first politicians to make their voices heard. From catchy slogans pasted across long banners to the candidate smiling down at you from the office building, these larger-than-life message deliveries work!

In fact, more than 40% of potential voters agree that signs and banners first introduced them to the candidates. Clearly, political signs have a greater advantage than another means to build a brand recognition. In fact, these signages influence the voter behavior. Without any recognition or recall, voters tend to vote for a more popular name in contrast to the one without any recognition.

This deals a heavy hand on the efficiency of the campaign as well. Signs and political banners help:

  1. Reluctant voters come out of their shells.
  2. Appeal to the young voters with visual calling that is more likely to grab their attention.
  3. Attract urban voters with bold messages and catchy slogans to embed campaigner’s positioning during the elections.

Repeated Advertising

Political signs have a great way of leveraging a common advertising tactic – repetition or more technically known as effective frequency to drill in focus of the campaign into the minds of the voters. These signs are often placed in common areas, flags on the side of the roads and much more to keep the visibility alive. Approaching this method might be traditional but it is still one of the most effective campaign strategies to ensure avoiding ‘out of mind and out of sight’ analogy.

Cost Effective

There are many new and improved ways of advertising for campaigns. From TV advertisements, to social media management, political campaigns can be seen as a spectacle everywhere.

However, the adage that political banners continue to be one ruling the roost is not an understatement because it is considerably cheaper than the aforementioned alternatives. An average 30 second commercial is believed to cost anywhere between $200 and $1500 for one time broadcast. Billboard advertising is even greater, easily costing the campaigner up to $2 million!

Reputation Management

Another advantage of signs and banners are reduced risk factors. While online platforms are a great way to spread the message far and wide, signs and banners are less likely to make the campaign run for cover when it comes to reputation management.

One wrong tweet is enough to tumble months of effort and can cost considerable man hours and dollars to fix the situation.

Political signs are known to create emotional responses and it is no wonder that county members and supporters have yard signs up in their support to their favorite candidate. These signs create impact and even though they have been here for a long time, they are definitely here to stay.

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