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Shooting Reported At Arkansas Middle School On First Day Of In-Person Classes


A student was reportedly shot and a suspect was taken into custody at a junior high school in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on the first day of scheduled in-person learning, a Fox News affiliate reported Monday.

Law enforcement officials confirmed the shooting at the Watson Chapel Junior High School, a Fox News affiliate reported. One student was injured and all campuses within the Watson Chapel School District were under lockdown for most of Monday morning, according to the school district’s Facebook page.

“This was an isolated incident and all students are safe at this time. The parent of the student has been notified so if you have not been notified the school your student is safe and secure,” the Watson Chapel School District said. “The police are not letting anyone in and out of the buildings. You will not be allowed to come get your student at this time.”

A supervised release of students at the junior high school to parents and guardians started shortly after the school district announced that the incident was isolated and that all students were safe, according to the Watson Chapel School District’s Facebook page.

“Parents can pull through the drive thru and request for their child to be released. If the parents are not able to pick up their child, then the students can stay on campus until release at the end of the day. All students are safe!” the Watson Chapel School District said.

Neither the City of Pine Bluff police department or the Watson Chapel School District were available for comment.

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