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How to Move Your House Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Moving your home during the COVID-19 pandemic will be a bumpy ride. Be prepared for a major challenge. Alt-text; a woman with glasses, wearing a facemask as protection against coronavirus.

Relocating your entire home is rarely easy. Planning, packing, hiring movers and so much more goes into this less than pleasant venture. But it seems that those aren’t the only worries on your plate if you plan on moving nowadays. In the past year, with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, all aspects of our lives seem to be less than ideal and much more difficult. With that being said, moving doesn’t get a free pass from this problem. In fact, the difficulty of moving is taken on an entirely another level. Still, relocating your home is a realistic possibility during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, let’s get started.

Tips for safe relocation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Covid or no Covid, your needs for relocation will most likely not go away. Thus, you must make sure you move in the safest way possible for yourself and your family. Yet, while you are at it, don’t forget to be conscious of others around you. Even while moving, you have the responsibility to behave in a manner that doesn’t jeopardize anyone else in your surroundings. Sure, Covid immunization is well on its way. Still, we are not of the huck yet. With all that being said, these are the most important details that you must keep in mind while planning to relocate your home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vaccines against Covid-19 might be a gamechanger in the long run, but at the moment you still need to be extra careful during your relocation. Alt-text: vaccine bottles that will be distributed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is moving allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic and are moving companies open for business

Plenty of activities were and some still are sanctioned by the government from happening in hopes of preventing the further spread of coronavirus. Now that your move is coming up, it is only natural that you want to be certain that your moving day is possible. Since moving is considered to be an essential part of living and functioning, there are no bands on this activity. Consequently, moving companies are in business, but they are working under new guidelines. So, for your future move, feel free to contact Zippy Shell Louisiana or any other moving company and ask them about their new working policies during the pandemic.

Known everything there is to know about COVID-19

In order to stay safe and healthy during your move, you should be well informed and prepared. The best way to get this done is by knowing what are your challenges. Of course, coronavirus is a new health scare that carries with it plenty of uncertainties. Still, there are many details that we are familiar with. Get to know how is it transmitted, what are the symptoms, how can you minimize the risk of getting infected, etc. Only once you have all the relevant detail under your belt, you can start planning your relocation. Your next move is to learn all the essential house moving basics.

Stay well informed and keep up with all the changed pandemic-related, every single day up to your moving day. Alt-text: a person following the news on a laptop and on a cellphone.

Know your exact budget

You will have plenty of moving expenses on your hands, no matter what time you decide to move. Some expenses will be quite large while others might seem insignificant. In the end, all expenses add up to a large chunk of money. That is why it would be wise to put in place a moving budget. This way you can manage expenses wisely without going overboard with your finances. In the beginning, it might seem that keeping track of your spending for your relocation is simple and bulletproof. Nevertheless, once things start to get to heat up and you are in the midst of your planning it is very easy to get carried away. That is why you must put together a moving budget and follow it to a tee.

Follow current rules and regulations

We already mentioned the importance of staying in the loop and being well informed during these unpredictable times. While it is essential to be informed, it might be even more important to stay that way. Since the pandemic is something new for everybody, drastic changes can happen overnight.  You never know when a lockdown or some other sort of restriction might be put in power. So, for the sake of your move and your safety keep up with all the latest COVID-19 news. Hopefully, normal life after coronavirus is just around the corner. Still, until we are certain that is over, we must do our due diligence.

Make sure you and your family members follow social distancing, mask-wearing, and other preventative measures during your relocation. Alt-text: a facemask and a bottle of hand sanitizer placed on a table after being used as protection against coronavirus.

Avoid an in-house estimate

During normal circumstances, getting an in-house moving estimate is the best possible way to get a reliable price and cost prediction of your move. A representative from the moving company would visit your home and put together an offer. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, things are clearly a lot different. Since everybody should practice social distancing, any visits to your home can put you in potential jeopardy. A great alternative would be to have a virtual in-house estimate. Of course, it isn’t as effective as an actual visit, but it is the next best thing.


Relocating your home during the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly a possibility. We do not recommend it unless it is absolutely necessary. Yet, if your move is unavoidable, you sure can get it done. Make sure you take all needed precautions and communicate clearly with your hired professional movers. Ask them which safety measures they practice and what are some current moving practices you should be aware of. And of course, last but not the least, do not relocate if you or any of your family members are feeling ill or you have any of the many COVID-19 symptoms. The only thing that trumps your move on your moving day is your health and the health of your family.

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