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Buy Windows VPS From OperaVPS Or Other Providers?

VPS is a service required for many reasons like hosting a website, web application, or a project, penetration test, configuring different services like a mail server, web server and etc. A server is necessary for the mentioned objects. Now the main question is that where you should buy VPS from and what should be the details of your VPS.

What Is A VPS?

If I want to answer this question, I must say that VPS is actually a virtual machine service and this word stands for Virtual Private Server or VPS and its more precise meaning is “personal virtual server”.

A dedicated server can be divided into two or more parts by virtualization software so that the properties of each of these parts have features very similar to a dedicated server.

The Need To Use VPS

Virtual server service is often used for websites that have one of the following:

1- The consumption of the website has exceeded the limit of using shared web hosting services, but it is still not so high that there is a need to spend exorbitant costs to purchase a dedicated server.

2- The website needs special services, settings, or configuration.

(Because shared hosting has many subscribers, any configuration will affect the service of all subscribers. In this situation, a service with more customization capability is needed.)

Almost the same divisions that apply to dedicated servers can be extended to virtual servers.

For example, it is very important for applicants what are the software and hardware specifications of VPS.

What Criteria Should You Check Before Buying A VPS?

Before buying a VPS, there is something that you should know and learn. Unless you will not get a good server or service. I have gathered some of these objects and I will explain to them one by one and some of them are very important.

Note that we at OperaVPS use Vmware Virtualization Software that a fully dedicated resource that only you can use And not shared with other users.

Our site:


Bandwidth is important if your job is related to the network, or if you own a download/upload service. or if you have a website with a high level of visitors, BW is one of the important criteria. When ordering, by default you can see that the BW is shown as unlimited in most of the providers, but it is not correct.

If you overuse the BW, your service will be suspended. Dedicated BW is just available on a dedicated server and even on a dedicated server, your BW is not unlimited.

Good And Fast Support

When your server is down, you need a fast response to your issue. Besides being fast, you should receive a good response from the provider, a response that resolved your issue. This is an important criterion when you buy Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting.

Least Downtime

A server has been made to always be online, to do this, it has sensors, a safe place, electricity backup, and an air conditioner system but still, downtime is unavoidable. Now the important term is that this downtime should not always happen.

When this happens, the provider and the data center should try their best to resolve the issue at the first step and to increase their infrastructure quality in the second step to prevent downtimes.

So before buying a VPS, research about this to get the best service.

Dedicated Resources

Dedicated resources are the other important criteria that you should consider before buying a VPS. Sometimes your processes use many resources. These processes can be from your website, your application, etc.

When you buy Windows VPS or Linux VPS, you wish to have your own resources and also you don’t wish someone else to use your resources, because this will decrease the quality of your work.

Backup System

Recently, we heard about the fire on OVH datacenters which was real chaos. As I checked, they had a backup of databases on another datacenter. This does not justify the case and they should have been more vigilant to prevent this from happening, but it is a good thing that the databases were kept elsewhere as backups.

Now most providers can do this in different steps. For example, in OperaVPS we use Raid hardware to prevent any data loss if one of the storage systems be damaged.

What Should Be The Price Of A VPS?

The price of a VPS is related to many criteria. When you want to buy cheap Windows VPS or cheap Linux VPS, consider that you may not receive a high-quality service. Each option that the provider provides on service, costs for them and they have to out these prices on the end price.

Why Your Server Should Have Admin Access?

Being the admin of the server is good in any terms. On shared services, the providers cannot do different configurations for different clients. Because any configurations will affect the other client sand services.

To resolve this, you should consider ordering an admin access VPS. In this situation, you will be able to do any configurations that you wish.


By ordering a service from OperaVPS, you will have an admin-access high-quality service with the best friendly support quality that you’ve ever seen.

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