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Will Major League Soccer Take Off in the United States?

This past year was a challenging one for the world of sports. There were a lot of changes that took place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Even though many professional sports leagues have already resumed, many people are wondering if Major League Soccer is ever going to get going once again and pick up steam in the United States. There are signs that major league soccer is doing well in the United States. For example, news recently that Major League Soccer is going to be adding two new expansion teams. One team will live in St Louis, Missouri, and the other team is going to live in Charlotte, North Carolina. Is Major League Soccer going to do well in the United States?

Many People Are Starting To Like Soccer in the United States

Major League Soccer is adding two new teams in the United States is a sign that the league is doing well. Therefore, a lot of people are starting to embrace soccer in the United States. In the past, people in the United States would struggle even to learn the rules of soccer. For example, a lot of people would ask, “what does PK mean?” Now, this is no longer the case. One of the biggest reasons soccer has been picking up steam in the United States is that there is a lot more attention paid to the national teams. When the Men’s National Team is playing, everyone turns to their screens to see how they perform. Furthermore, the Women’s National Team is the best female soccer team in the world. They were even the most recent champions of the world’s top. Therefore, the success of the national soccer teams has been generating a lot of interest. 

Will People Pay Attention if the National Teams Are Not Playing?

On the other hand, there is still one big question that has to be answered. Are people going to pay attention to soccer when the national teams are not playing? It is excellent to pay attention to the soccer teams when they are competing in the Olympics or the World Cup; however, this will not keep the leagues alive when there are no international competitions going on. For example, the professional women’s league in the United States has had to fold multiple times. Even though it looks like they are going to make it out of the pandemic intact, this does not necessarily mean that they will enjoy a tremendous amount of success.

The Good News Is That Soccer Is Growing in the United States

The good news is that soccer is growing in the United States. Overall, it is doing well, and the sign that neither professional soccer league has folded recently is a good start. Furthermore, a lot of the top soccer players in the United States are playing overseas. This is another sign that the game is growing. It will be exciting to see where soccer goes from here. The pandemic presented a significant challenge to the soccer league, and it handled it well. Even though soccer still has a long way to catch up with the other professional sports leagues in the United States, it is certainly off to a good start as the calendar turns to 2021.

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